How to convert 42 centimeter to feet?

42 cm * 0.032808399 ft = 1.3779527559 ft
1 cm

A common question is how many centimeters are there in [42 cm to feet?] And the answer is 1280.16 centimeters in 42 feet. Similarly, the answer to the question of how many feet in 42 cm is 1.3779527559 feet in 42 cm.

What is 42 cm in feet?

42 cm equals 1.3779527559 feet (42 cm = 1.3779527559 feet). It is easy to convert 42 cm into feet. Just use our calculator above, or apply the formula to change the length of 42 cm from feet.

Convert 42 cm to normal length.

Unit Unit of length
Nanometer 420000000.0 nm
Micrometer 420000.0 µm
Millimeter 420.0 mm
Centimeter 42.0 cm
Inch 16.5354330709 in
Foot 1.3779527559 ft
Yard 0.4593175853 yd
Meter 0.42 m
Kilometer 0.00042 km
Mile 0.0002609759 mi
Nautical mile 0.0002267819 nmi

What is 42 cm in feet?

Multiply the length by 0.032808399 in centimeters to convert 42 centimeters to feet. The foot formula has 42 cm [feet] = 42 * 0.032808399. Thus, for [42 cm feet, we get 1.3779527559 feet.]

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42 cm in feet and inches

Welcome to [42 cm in feet] and inches, our post about converting 42 cm into feet and inches.

42 cm is a short shape of 42 cm. The centimeter system is a unit of length equal to 1/100 of a meter.

If you are looking for [42 cm feet] and inches height or 42 cm height then you have found the right post.

42 cm in Feet and Inches Height

People visiting this post often search for the term [42 cm in feet] and inches height, so we give you the result of the conversion straightaway:

[42 cm in feet] and inches = 1.38 feet and 4.54 inches

[42 cm in feet] and inches height ~ 1 feet and 5 inches

The first result of [42 cm in feet] (′) and inches (″) has been rounded to two decimal places, whereas the second value for [42 cm to feet] and inches has been rounded to the nearest inch.

With this, you already know the answer to how tall is 42 cm?

However, if you need higher precision, then apply the formula in the next section or use our calculator in the first paragraph.

Convert 42 cm to feet and inches.

To convert 42 centimeters to feet and inches, we apply the formula described in our article centimeters to feet and inches, which is available in the header menu:

Part of the foot = brick ([42] / 30.48)

Inch share = 12 * Mod ([42] / 30.48,1)

Thus, the formula for [feet and inches from 42 cm] is:

Int ([42] / 30.48) + 12 * Mod ([42] / 30.48,1).

However, our converter above is easy to use:

Enter 42 in the cm field. [Feet and inches from 42 cm] are counted in the lower result set.

For your convenience, you will be paid only 42 centimeters per foot (feet) and only an inch (inches).

To make a second change, press the first reset button.

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Note that you can also fill out our search box to find changes from 42 centimeters to inches and feet.

On the results page you’ll see a list of posts related to your query, including this URL.

If you enter 42 cm by inch and foot, 42 cm by foot inch or 42 cm by foot inch, the same or similar result will be compiled, just to name a few.

In the next section of [42 cm in feet] and inches, we will review the most frequently asked questions in context.

42 cm in inches and feet

Frequently asked questions about 42 cm fit and include, for example.

[42 cm in feet] and inches in height?

How tall is 42 cm?

What is [42 cm to feet] and inches?

What is [42 cm long in feet] and inches?

[42 cm in feet] inches?

If you are looking for any of these terms, and if you are reading up to [42 cm feet] inches up this line, you have also found the result of your conversion.

However, you can also use our comment form for questions 2 and 3 from 42 cm.

Alternatively, you can email us from subject line 42 cm to inch.

We really appreciate all feedback!

Next, you can find the equivalent of 42 cm in length, height, and depth in other common, non-metric units.

Feet and inches from 42 cm

You already know that 42 cm is equal to 1 foot and 4.54 inches exactly or 1 foot and 5 inches round. 42 centimeters in feet equals only 1.38 feet, and only 16.54 inches in inches.

If you want to know what 42 centimeters is in yards and miles, we also have:

In 42 cm yards = 0.46 yards

42 cm in miles = 0.00026 miles


About the 42 cm steps in ′ and ،, the metric unit of length in the American traditional unit, as well as in the SI system, can be found in the articles in our header menu.

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