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Chrome Write For Us

Chorme write for us

Want to try your hand at getting an article on Chrome write for us? Have a taste for writing Google and tech articles and want to be read by readers who share the same passion and interest? We can help.

Chrome write for us is accepting submissions for tutorials/how-to guides, inspirational posts, showcases, and good articles related to Chrome OS, Chrome Gaming, and Chrome in general.

In fact, anything on the list is fine as long as it’s linked to the site, subject to the editors’ approval of course.

Publish your Google Chrome article.

We rarely decline any article we receive, so please feel free to give it a try! Sometimes though we have to reject some articles for one reason or another. For one, we have to reject submissions that don’t follow our simple guidelines below.

Here are some quick and easy guidelines to help improve your odds of getting published based on articles, tutorials or tips and showcases.

1.) Google/Chrome/Tech Articles.

  •  If you want to submit an article, discussion, anything that has more text than images:
  • Please include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
  • Subtitle your main point – then you have the freedom to elaborate.

2.) Tutorials/Tips/Guides

  • We love these tutorials, though to make it reader-friendly, follow these few guidelines:
  • Make them point straight. lol.
  • Include a demo link and/or download link where relevant.
  • Credit your image sources or link to the original site where you got the images.

3.) Showcase/Themes/Wallpapers

  • We love images, themes and chrome wallpapers A picture says a thousand words, so if you want to showcase stunning images or illustrations:
  • Submit images in a separate zip file via email (email us at or you can submit individual URLs.
  • If it’s a showcase that includes apps, tools or plugins, etc., include a download link.

We would love it if you could…

  • Give your submission more leverage by
  • Relinking to previously published articles.
  • Ensuring that the images you submit are of high quality.

 How to send/email us your article

Just send the article to our email with a long title, and the best fitting category (eg Chrome Games, Chrome Apps etc) you think it fits.

Visit our contact us or send your article directly to: