Customer success or is the strategy that anticipates the challenges and questions of customers, thus providing solutions and proactive responses. A strategy will increase customer satisfaction and retention, which will increase profits and customer loyalty.

What Are The Differences Between Customer Success And Customer Service?

Customer service focuses on working reactively, while customer success focuses on working proactively in collaboration with consumers. Customer success is also closely aligned with customer care to take your satisfaction to the next level. (In fact, in HubSpot, these teams are physically together.)

Customer Support

Agents answer customer questions, problems, and requests via phone, email, live chat, and social media. Customer service is the organizational function that resolves issues when customers bring them up; it is a reactive and satisfactory response to specific consumer requests.

Customer Success

Customer success focuses on working proactively in partnership with consumers throughout they remain customers. It helps them get more value for their purchase and share their feedback. Take the customer experience further and ensure a successful path in the future.

Why Is Customer Success So Important In A Company?

Increase customer happiness and customer loyalty: By helping them thrive, they will become your most important promoter and advocate. Is vital to the success of your corporate. Customer success is directly linked to your bottom line, helping you reduce churn rates, increase renewals and satisfaction, and drive revenue.

Customer success has the power to grow your base of advocates and promoters. It will drive up renewal rates if you are a subscription-based business.

How To Implement Customer Success In Your Business?

Customer Success

Find A Solution For Customer Success

To proactively manage the interactions you have with your customers, you must implement a customer success solution in your team. It means that you will need software and tools.

It Has Collaborators And A Manager

You will need a person (or, preferably, a team) who works on customer success. Also the number of representatives and managers on your team will depend on the size of your business and available resources.

Design A Strategy

Your strategy may vary a bit, depending on the product you’re selling and what your customers need from you. However, here are some universal steps to create the strategy for your team:

  • Identify the ultimate goals of your customers (where an empathy map can help you) and the reasons why they need customer success.
  • Establish a team for customer success.
  • Implement suitable customer achievement tools and software.
  • Create a guide that explains your business’s expectations and also goals for both short-term and long-term.
  • Share and implement the strategy with your team. Also ensure everyone knows what is expected of them individually and together.
  • Analyze your results (do your clients have the tools and support to succeed?).
  • Make changes to your strategy and your team as your customer base and also business growth.


Hub Spot

HubSpot’s Service Software allows you to connect with your customers and grow through their. Put the forefront to ensure that more satisfied customers want to continue to be your customers, it also refer their friends, and mention your business and its offerings to their networks: be your promoters!

Provide your business

  • Automation flows to respond to customers as soon as possible and correctly
  • Optimized collaboration between partners and customers
  • Tools to identify the needs of each contact and build loyalty


Slack is a collaborative team communication and also management tool that companies can use to organize themselves around all customer needs to anticipate possible doubts or problems.

Boss Solutions Suite

However, boss Solutions Suite is a platform that helps you automate your service desk to improve customer service. It offers different management solutions, reports and other tools to implement in your organization.

Its great virtue is that it focuses on monitoring the resolution of problems or eventualities related to customer support.

Gainsight CX

Gainsight CX puts customers at the centre of everything a company does to deliver a unique experience across the entire customer journey. The result: efficient


Or administration is a business method ensuring customers achieve success in their desired effects while using your product or service. Is relationship-focused client administration that aligns client and dealer goals for equally beneficial outcomes

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