Esampark Wonder Cement 444 is a premium cement right for various construction projects. It is a high-strength cement with a compressive strength of 444 megapascals after 28 days of curing. It is made from a mixture of clinker, gypsum, and high-quality pozzolanic materials, which provides excellent durability and resistance to the structures built from this Cement.

The exclusive properties of Wonder Cement 444 make it ideal for building strong and durable dams, bridges, high-rise buildings, and industrial constructions. Its fast-setting properties also make it suitable for projects that require quick completion.

About Esampark Wonder Cement 444


Esamparks is an Indian cement creator that produces the Wonder Cement 444. This high-superior Cement is manufactured using the finest raw materials and is designed to provide an extremely durable and smooth finish.

Wonder Cement 444 is used extensively for large-scale commercial and residential projects, small DIY tasks, and hobby projects. Let’s look at a few of the benefits of Esampark Wonder Cement 444.

What is the Role of  Esampark in the Cement Manufacturing?

Esampark Wonder is a digital initiative launched by Cement to connect with its customers and stakeholders, optimize customer service, and provide transparency and convenience in the cement industry.  Esampark Cement 444, a 24/7 toll-free helpline, is part of the eSampark initiative.

Wonder Cement 444 is a user-friendly digital platform for customers to connect with the Wonder Cement customer service team to resolve any issues or queries related to cement ordering, delivery, pricing, or quality. Wonder Cement 444, as a share of the cement creativity, reflects its commitment to building lasting relationships with its customers and providing an experience beyond offering a product.

Driven by realizing Wonder Cement’s core philosophy of “A Perfect Beginning,” eSampark has created a new vision in the cement industry by using digital technology to simplify methods, improve communication, and create value for its customers. Standard has established. Employees and stakeholders.

Benefits of Using Esampark Wonder Cement 444

Esampark Wonder Cement 444 is a brilliant choice for construction projects of all sizes. Some of the benefits of using this Cement are as follows:

  • High compressive strength: This Cement has high compressive strength, making it ideal for building resistant structures.
  • Fast setting time: This Cement sets rapidly, reducing the time and labor required for construction projects.
  • Better workability: Cement is easier to work with, allowing better mixing, compaction, and leveling.
  • Durability: The durability of Assampark Wonder Cement 444 certifies that your structures will last longer and need less maintenance.
  • Corrosion Resistance: This Cement is highly corrosion-resistant, making it flawless for projects with high humidity stages.
  • Affordable: Despite its many advantages, Esampark Wonder Cement 444 is affordable, making it accessible to construction projects of all sizes.

Composition of Wonder Cement 444

Wonder Cement 444 is a kind of Cements manufacture by Esamparks. It is a blended cement containing ordinary Portland cement (OPC) and Portland pozzolan cement (PPC). Each Cement has a unique chemical composition, forming a mixture that provides greater strength and durability.

Technical Specifications of Esampark Wonder Cement 444

Esampark Wonder Cement 444 has many characteristics, making it an excellent choice for building and construction applications. We will comprehensively analyze the main features offered by Esamparks Wonder Cement 444. Furthermore, we will explore aspects such as composition, strength grade, water absorption, and other essential technical specifications.

Pricing and Cost Comparison With Other Kinds of Cement

Asampark Wonder Cement 444 is an innovative cement that offers brilliant quality and durability at an affordable price. Compared to other types of Cement available in the market, Wonder Cement 444 is price competitively, making it a great option for those looking for a cost-effective construction material.

Regarding worth comparison, Wonder Cement 444 is less expensive than others, and its price is similar to PPC and PSC cement. Additionally, its setting time is fast, which can help speed up construction projects and reduce labor costs.

Overall, Wonder Cement 444 offers excellent stability between affordability and performance. Making it an ideal choice for an extensive range of construction applications.

Setting Time of Esampark Wonder Cement 444

The setting time of Esampark Wonder Cement 444 is an important technical specification that determines how long the Cements will take to harden after being mix with water.

The early setting time of Esampark Wonder Cements 444 is 30 min. The final setting time of Esamparks Wonder Cement 444 is 600 minutes or 10 hours.


According to users, Esampark Wonder Cement 444 is known for its high strength, durability, and practicality, making it ideal for various construction projects. Additionally, its unique formulation ensures that it can withstand strict weather conditions. Making it a popular choice among builders and contractors. Another critical feature of Wonder Cement 444 is its easy-to-use and mixed formulation, which helps save time and labor costs. Its fast-setting properties make it an efficient choice for construction projects requiring quick turnaround time.

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