Fashion fab news fashion beauty celebrities designers – Vegan lifestyle by fashion designer. Meet the women who opened milan fashion week in a new showcase of bipoc talent: As the video streamed on the italian fashion chamber’s. Milan fashion week digital platform suggested, the five designers will give way to five others, who will unveil their collections in. Sheetal shah, nyny ryke goungou, romy calzado. 5 luxury beauty brands from the african area to give you that summertime glow you’ve been looking for! China machado, 82 yr old model and beauty editor. A cuban natural with a penchant for textile design, calzado rich a job in fashion after presence the Burgo fashion institute, where she. Fashion bombshell of the day: Initially, i wanted to share posts about high fashion and fashion design, but i’m adding different topics every time. Fashion bombshell of the day:

Topics like my special style, celebrities’ style, beauty, makeup, nail art, but everything is focused on what it’s seen on the runway and created by designers like myself. Even if you’re not successful back to school this season, that doesn’t mean new style.

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Leading fashion designers

Surely you will recognize many of these names that have become references worldwide. Today his style and legacy are still valid, having become icons of haute couture. Below, we give you details about their lives and fashion styles.

Coco Chanel

Her real name was Gabrielle Chanel. He was born in the French town of Saumur in 1883, and died in Paris in 1971. He began to stand out in the world of haute couture around the First World War, thanks to his innovative and groundbreaking designs in the style of the Belle Epoque. She has been consider one of the most influential French personalities of the last century.

Coco Chanel’s designs began to introduce typically masculine garments, until now, such as pants or sweaters, into women’s clothing, with the corresponding adaptations. She was also concerned about getting comfortable clothing for women, especially designed for working women. Lastly, she returned to giving the color black the noble character that it had in earlier times.

Christian Dior

The French Christian Dior would be one of the most important designers of the first half of the 20th century. He lived between 1905 and 1957. From a bourgeois family, he was prepared to pursue a diplomatic career, but he would opt for haute couture.

He began his career in fashion in the thirties, but it would be in 1946 when he founded his own store and launched what is known as the  new look . The main characteristics of this style are the voluptuousness and the accentuation of the feminine forms in her dresses. These designs represented a break with the austere and conservative forms.


The Italian Valentino Clemente Ludovico was born in 1932 in the town of Voghera. He emigrated very young to Paris where he would work as an apprentice to important designers, such as Jean Desires. In 1959 he settled in Rome and began the most important part of his career.

Valentino’s style is characterized by the presence of the color red and by suits that highlight the femininity and voluptuousness of women. She usually wears very bright colors and ostentatious fabrics.

gianni versace

He was natural in Reggio Calabria (Italy) in 1946, and was assassinat in Miami in 1997. He studied architecture, but opted for fashion. Throughout his life he worked with important celebrities such as Eric Clapton, Madonna or Diana of Wales.

Versace creations characterized by bold and exuberant designs. It is not uncommon to see very bright, even garish colors in Versace designs. In his clothes you can find some influences of styles belonging to different eras. Such as mannerism or the Roman Empire era.

karl lagerfeld

The German Karl Lagerfeld has been one of the most prestigious fashion designers of the second half of the 20th century. He was born in 1933 in Hamburg, and in the 1950s. Emigrated to Paris to start his vocation in the world of fashion. He worked for various firms throughout his life. He died in 2019.

His creations characterized by a certain ambiguity between the feminine and the masculine. Tight cuts that enhance the female figure predominate. Chains and pearls are also peculiar, a trend that the Chanel firm had started. Lagerfeld is responsible for the introduction of sneakers in fashion and haute couture shows, a trend that has prevailed in recent years.

Carolina Herrera

Born in Caracas in 1939, she established herself in the world of fashion at the age of 42, after her first fashion show in 1981. Since 1982 she has lived in New York. Among the illustrious characters who have worn her dresses, we can mention Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep or Michelle Obama, among others.

The style of this designer is defined by simplicity and elegance. The most typical garment of her creations is the white shirt. Fashion fab news fashion beauty celebrities designers.  A garment that Carolina Herrera herself usually wears in her public appearances. Other peculiarities of her clothing is that they are usually tight in the waist area and very wide in the shoulder area, to highlight the woman’s figure.


fashion design is a very heavily weighted career, with long hours and many skills, abilities, knowledge need in order to be successful. Although that may be true, fashion designers change the world, they create new trends, new ideas, but more importantly, new ways of thinking.