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We provide a place for thousands of readers who visit our blog daily for digital marketing, social media marketing, business and marketing strategies, solutions, tips and information.

As a growing software startup, Social planner not only has readers looking for information, but hundreds of hungry buyers willing to buy anything in the tech space, and we’re committed to providing our readers with the highest quality information available.

This is a new service we’re offering, so to test the waters, we’re only looking for fresh, high-quality creative content to showcase to our interested audience.

We appreciate that many writers are looking for a platform to share their knowledge on these topics, and we want to offer you a new place where your words can be read.

As long as your article passes our quality checks and meets the rules and strict guidelines on this page, we will consider your article for publication.

Marketing Write For Us

Marketing For Blogs Write For Us

At Cosmopolitans Blog, we’re looking to produce more high-quality, educational blogs aimed at leaders in the industry. We are not looking for blogs that introduce readers to the basics of digital marketing. We are looking for proven experts with extensive and deep knowledge who can teach us a thing or two. Who we practice digital marketing every day and still want to study from you.

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Do you study yourself an innovator or thought-leader? Have you made some amazing achievements in the park of marketing this time?

If that’s you, display us how you did it. Write about your amazing conversion rates, your success with real-time bidding, or other areas where you can be an expert.

Do you have the skill to excite our readers with an detailed look at what’s trendy in the industry? If so, we hunger to hear from you.

Understand Our Guidelines

Findcult posts are well-research and deliver smart, innovative, engaging advice on a wide range of digital marketing topics, including:

Advanced Link Building Tactics for SEO

Generation of sales leads

Account-Based Marketing

paid search

Social Media Advertising Hacks

marketing automation

advanced analysis

growth hack

Conversion Rate Optimization

We are specifically looking for the above topics that are specific to the following industries:

electronic commerce

Real Estate / Home Construction

B2B business


higher education

Franchise / Retailer

We are looking for guest bloggers who can provide us with:

Detailed tutorials and case studies on digital marketing tactics; (privileged)

Original content (that has not been published before), with in-depth research and no less than 1500 words;

Supporting data and/or experiments: show numbers, we love data!

If you don’t hear from us, chances are:

Your application is incomplete

However, your item does not conform to our Guidelines (read line by line)

Your topic/angle is not deep enough

We have already covered the idea in the past.

Your topic is not suitable for our audience

If you’re interested in getting your content in front of thousands of daily readers and potential customers, please submit your article (following the requirements above) to, and one of the team will get back to you.