Misa death note is a promising model, entertainer, and ally of Kira who ultimately turns into the Second Kira. In the wake of acquiring a Demise Note, she searches out Kira to thank him for killing the one who killed her family and offers him her assistance. Having made the exchange for the Shinigami Eyes, Misa discovers that the character of Kira is Light Yagami. After a gathering with Light, she chooses to devote her life to aiding Light in any way she can, not entirely set in stone, to utilize her eyes to reveal L’s real name.

All About  Misa Death Note

Misa is a short, slim, alluring young lady with long, straight, brilliant light hair, generally usually styled with a piece of her hair in braids attached with red groups yet at times worn free. In the anime, she was a brunette at a certain point. In the manga, her eyes are prevalently light brown however have likewise been displayed as green. She additionally frequently wears blue contact focal points. In the games, her eyes are normally brilliant brown yet have additionally been viewed as pink. Misa also seems to have dark hair in the film, which she wears in braids throughout the film.

Misa frequently dresses in a Gothic and Troublemaker design, however recognizably less after the time skip. She usually paints her nails dazzling red or dim purple and wears radiant red lipstick.

Misa will in general, wear cross adornments. However, the crosses were changed to “fleurs-de-lis” in the anime transformations (most strikingly on the Misa finger manikin). Despite this, Misa is portrayed with a cross in the primary anime opening and her model sheet picture in the liner notes of the third anime soundtrack. She likewise has a cross on the gatherer’s figure included in volume 5 of the sets of movies.

Character Of Misa Hyperactive

Misa is exceptionally cordial and is demonstrated to be very famous because of her profession. She draws in a huge group while visiting Light at his college grounds. She is hyperactive, imprudent, and generally honest, confirmed by her propensity to talk as an outsider looking in. Regardless of being viewed as doltish by quite a few people, Misa is displayed to have snapshots of knowledge, for example, when she effectively fools Kyosuke Higuchi into uncovering himself to be the Yotsuba Kira.

She is extremely reckless in her goes about as the Second Kira, which prompts her being captured and placed in repression. As she probably didn’t have the foggiest idea about the Passing Note could control casualties, she sent the Kira tapes herself however neglected to eliminate her fingerprints and left handily tracked down DNA on the envelopes. She additionally totally overlooked Light’s structure to avoid him (as he was at that point associated with being Kira) and accordingly was found in his organization — reducing L’s doubts about who was the Second Kira.

In spite of her regularly lively character, Misa has been intellectually distressed by seeing her folks killed just before her eyes. It is indistinct how much the injury has impacted Misa mentally. In any case, in the movies, Rem demonstrates that Misa went through a profound misery following finding the killer was vindicated of the wrongdoing. After Kira later kills the killer, Misa is amazingly thankful, and her extreme appreciation and legend love at first fuel her activities as the Second Kira. After she turns out to be sincerely appended to Light, love firmly rouses her way of behaving.

Misa is exceptionally crazy with life, both her own and others. She has not many misgivings about two times dividing her life expectancy to get the Shinigami Eyes which she uses to kill guiltless individuals to get everything she could possibly want. These incorporate news telecasters who were condemning of Kira and cops who interfere with her arrangement to meet Kira.

In spite of the detail that she is by and large cordial to those she meets, she can likewise be savage: she tells Light that she would kill some other young ladies he dates regardless of said young ladies being essential for his arrangement to show up as a customary young fellow to the agents and redirect doubt from himself and Misa.

Light Yagami is a significant figure in Misa’s life, and she every now and again remarks on him being thus, frequently pronouncing her affection for him notwithstanding little response. She is dedicated to Light with the eventual result of declining to play out a kiss with individual entertainer Hideki Ryuga while making a film out of her devotion. At the point when she and Light lose their recollections of being Kiras, she consents to assist with catching Kira, whom she sees as the justice fighter of her family, out of affection for Light.

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  • “I disdain fiendishness and love equity. I don’t think about the police as my adversaries, however my partners against evil.” (Section 23)
  • “What a magnificent method for killing… ” (Section 27)
  • (To Light Yagami) “I’m happy with simply being utilized by you. Trust me.” (Section 29)
  • (To Light Yagami) “An imagine sweetheart, correct?
  • That is a decent beginning. I’m certain you’ll become hopelessly enamored with me for genuine one day.” (Section 30)
  • (To Light Yagami) “It’s basically impossible that I’ll represent you seeing different young ladies. That’s what assuming I see, I’ll kill them.” (Part 30)
  • “Because of Rem, Light truly turned into Misa’s knight… yet… don’t really kill him, OK?” (Section 30)
  • “Rem… I wish Light would adore me… I maintain that Light should be blissful… ” (Part 31)
  • “Assuming I pass on now, I’ll be cheerful… kill me while I’m as yet youthful and pretty… ” (Part 33)
  • (To Rem while being held hostage by L) “Kill me!! Kill me now!!! I was assume to kick the bucket on that day, correct? If it’s not too much trouble. Just. Kill. Me.” (Part 33)
  • “I was unable to live in a world without Light.” (Part 45)
  • “You can’t buy harmony or love with cash.” (Part 80)
  • “To me… Kira is a flat out being!”
  • (To L) “In the event that Light were Kira… magnificent. I’ve forever been appreciative to Kira for rebuffing the one who killed my folks. On the off chance that Light was Kira, I’d adore him much more.”


Misa passing note has five subjects, two of which are found on Death Note Unique Soundtrack II. Misa’s subjects are “Misa’s Topic A” Misa no Tēma A) and “Misa’s Subject B” Misa no Tēma B. Three more are found on Death Note Unique Soundtrack III. Her topics are “Misa, “Misa’s Dejection” (Misa no Kodoku), and “Misa’s Sentiments.”

Additionally important is “Misa death note Tune” (Misa no Uta), which Misa death note sings in the anime before L’s passing. “Misa’s Tune” shows up on the soundtrack multiple times. There is one track with vocals, a piano variant named “‘Misa’s Tune’ (Piano Performance),” and a symphony rendition named “‘Misa death note Melody’ (Ensemble Rendition).” Misa’s voice entertainers play out the vocals for the various names. In any case, a few names, similar to the German name, keep the first form sung by Aya Hirano.