One-stop nutrition for All Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness Needs


ONE Stop Nutrition was conceptualized in 2001 by two friends/roommates when they first join the gym and saw the lack of quality, affordable sports supplements in India. And also after graduating from GNDU Amritsar in 2005. They both ventured out into the world in their respective trades in food technology and electronic telecommunications.

Throughout the year, Rakesh gained valuable experience and best food business practices from the largest multinationals. While Mandeep worked on his own electronics and telecommunications business throughout North America.


But the dream was always there. Dreaming it for countless nights brought it one step closer to real. Long phone calls turned into one-on-one meetings discussing how we can change the poor state of sports nutrition in India, which is riddled with fake, expensive and harmful products.

Eventually they both quit their jobs and decided to embark on this journey to forge a better and unadulterated Sports Nutrition Stage in India.


We, the one stop nutrition team, proudly present our dream in front of you in the form of 1-Stop Nutrition. Your one stop shop for altogether your nutritional desires.

We are committed to bringing you the best possible sports supplements made with the highest quality ingredients so you can realize your own dream, just like we do ours.

One Stop Nutrition was founded in 1996 in an indoor swap market

One Stop Nutrition was found in 1996 in an indoor swap market inside a 100 square foot booth without even a register to use and relying on a tin box and paper notes to keep inventory. We embark on a passion and dedication to continuously recover our business. After all these years, we have stood able to convert our stores into what you see today and we will continue to evolve to meet the needs of our customers. What was a basic nutritional stand was transform into a full-service health mecca. One Stop Nutrition offers. A large selection of vitamins, herbs, sports nutrition, healthy shakes, coffee bar, bronzing, frozen yogurt, free internet stations, flat screen TV and much more.

We could not have complete it this far without the support of our franchisees, our loyal customers, family, friends, the construction team, lawyers, accountants, everyone and anyone who has made this journey possible in any way. Whereever cherish every memory, from love and laughter to extreme long hours, countless stressful instants. We will always continue our potential to improve and care for you and your precious ones the best way we know how. Thank you for creation One Stop Nutrition your unique break shop.

Revofit review: One-stop shop for all gears in fitness & nutrition

Revofit is a new app that targets to be a one stop nutrition for all things fitness and nutrition. The app asks you to go done the standard registration process: name, email, date of birth, masculinity, weight, height, etc. It then analyses your BMI and lets you see where you remain on the fit/unhealthy scale. You must set a goal: how much weight you want to lose and in how long. This sets your daily diet and exercise goals. You have to manually add your food intake and fitness.

You have to manually add your food intake and physical activity like most apps, but Revofit makes it easier by giving you a search option: simply look up what you ate or what exercise you did in the app’s database and add it to your profile. What we liked most about this app was that it offers recommendations for your daily meals with Indian cuisine in mind. Considering that this is a free app with no ads or premium levels, Revofit is an easy recommendation.

Fitday a One-stop Solution for Very Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness Needs

Fitday’s mission is to make Nutrition an justifiable right; it is a necessity, not a luxury. Fitday is an offshoot of its parent company Genomelabs Bio Pvt. Ltd., a state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facility.

“As an omnichannel company, Fitday has 3 retail stores running in Hyderabad, along with a strong e-commerce presence. We are expanding the presence to other cities to make Fitday a pan-India brand. The stores are design to an experiential space. said Suresh Raju, founder of Fitday.

“You can review products in person, take advantage of nutritional advice from a certified professional, and have unlimited follow-ups at no charge. In addition, we also offer a free BMI and health check (in stores) and help you get back to your goals.” on their way to health,” added Suresh Raju.


To further support the effort to be a comprehensive solution, Fitday has a panel of professionals. The Fitday Experts panel, professionals from the medical, sports, nutritional and holistic wellness fields to help customers get expert advice and support. additional via Fitday. podium. Fitday also runs the popular #Fitblog anywhere one stop nutrition can read articles on various conditions, products. Find selected recipes and additional written information to help themselves on their journey to become an empowered individual to take charge of their health and life.

All Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness Needs

Genomelabs uses extensive research and development to create products that better meet our needs for holistic living, focusing on the research, development, manufacturing, and processing of nutraceutical. Ayurceutical, and cosmeceutical products at its research and development facility based in Hyderabad. Firstly they have successfully launched product lines: Super Herb, Super Diet, Hi-Volt, Floney, and AyushKwath. An immunity booster that has gained huge popularity for its effectiveness during the current time of pandemic.

Fitday houses products from Genomelabs and several other brand partners such as Nestlé, Himalaya, Optimum Nutrition, Fast & Up, Isopure, etc. Moreover additionally, Fitday houses Korean ginseng products; an herb that is unparalleled in its medicinal efficacy for various conditions including dementia, erectile dysfunction, cancer(s), anti-aging, etc.


Nutrition is the study of the influence that food intake has on the health and well-being of an individual. Nutrition is an applied science, so students studying nutrition can find employment in a variety of scientific roles. Including those related to the food industry, public health, or the media.

There are 320 calories in 1 shake (16 oz) of One Stop Nutrition Lower Carb Meal Replacement Shake.

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