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Packaging Write For Us and Guest Post

Packaging Write For Us

Packaging wants to share your expertise, wisdom and creative thinking with our diverse audience.

Packaging publishes content on printing, packaging, designing boxes industry, etc. We are committed to publishing high quality and authentic content that can best help our audience.

In simple terms, packaging denotes to designing and developed the wrapping material or container round a product that benefits to

  • Recognize and distinguish the product in the market,
  • Transport and distribute the product,
  • Store the product,
  • Endorse the product,
  • Use the product appropriately.

If they follow the next guidelines

  • Content must be relevant to the topics and categories of
  • Offer new and original content not previously published anywhere else
  • Content should be well-written and presented in a natural-flowing manner.
  • Content should be supplement with backlinks, source links, and appropriate content tags (if any in the content).
  • All images must have appropriate rights to use and publish
  • Content should be at least 1000 words long.
  • A primary target keyword with high monthly volume (300+ volume).
  • Attention on the keyword in the title, relevant headings, and the first and last paragraph of the article.
  • Unique copyright free images (less than 30kb)
  • Extra long-tail keywords are everywhere in the article
  • Internal linking to relevant blogs
  • A applicable link to your resources (no positive relaxed)
  • 1 additional link to your incomes for every 500 additional words

How to Submit your Contributions?

To write for us and publish your article on, follow the steps below.

Contact us with an ‘Article-Title Pitch’ email or send us written, fully formatted content directly

You can send the article in a term text or via Google Doc

After getting your pitch, our editorial team will review the contribution and contact you with a live link, improvement suggestions, or the reason for non-selection for publication.

All donation emails and other related inquiries should be sent to

For more information, do not hesitate to talk us by email

Well, that’s it. Packaging and write for us!

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