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All about self development + write for us the truths of life we meet in several stages of human life. It’s the platform of self development + write for us for sharing the trials with truth and a place for learning how to deal with walk of life at different locations. Motivation, inspiration, self-help, self-development,  personal growth, success, spiritualism, mental health, happiness and enlightenment are focus areas. We invite passionate writers to self development + write for us.

Would you like to share your experiences? Feeling excited to share your advice or your learning in life with readers of Well, is always looking for high-quality fresh content. If you love spreading positive vibrations and happiness, you’ll feel at home here.

How To Submit Guest Post At Cosmopolitans Blog?

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Write for US – Contribute & Submit Your Guest Post!

Yes, We’re always open for new authors. If you have great advice to share with our readers to motivate them to succeed; then you can write for us, we are looking to feature you. Please browse our website and have a look at the categories and articles that we cover.

You don’t need to wait for an idea that will redefine the self Improvement blog Industry. Just aim to bring readers a fresh view on a topic that keep challenging you and you come out with new life hacks to deal with it.

You can submit for consideration an original article (not previously published anywhere else, including your own site), with content based on your personal experiences and/or professional expertise, and we will review it for potential publication on our site

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Article Submitting Guideline

When submitting a guest post; Please ensure that the essay maintains a high level of grammar and vocabulary. Essay should contain 1000-1200 words. Try to include at least 1 quote from a reputable person or a reference to a scientific journal article.

The article should be plagiarism free. We do not accept copies of previous articles. Please also refrain from posting the submitted article on other websites.

The article should be in the area of personal development, self-help or self-improvement. Here are some tentative ideas for you to stimulate your thinking cap.

Tentative Ideas




Positive Thinking

Becoming Effective

Effective Time management

Healthy Habits

Soft Skills

Goal Setting

Overcoming Obstacles

Stress Management


Parenting Tips


Encouraging children and students

Public Speaking

Success Tips/hacks

Meditation & Yoga


Inspiring write ups



Life hacks

Life Lessons

self development + write for us

Things “Successful People” do

Mental Health


Productivity tools

Finding your purpose

We reserve the right to:

When you write for us and submit an article to you are giving us the right to

Decline the submitted articles , without providing the reasons. (Since, we are a very small team at Invajy and receive a large volume of submissions. It is not possible for us to provide feedback on individual articles. We appreciate your understanding.)

Adjust article titles wherever necessary, to help optimize reader engagement for your published article.

Make basic edits to articles (including but not limited to grammar, spelling, subtitles, links and paragraph/sentence structure for the purpose of improving readability).

Keep it on our site, edit it and distribute it freely across all of our digital channels.

Thanks a lot;  we look forward towards you to be a part of team and publishing the best content online !!!

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