Street Dance Girls Fighter Ep 6 Eng Sub (Korean) is a spin-off of the South Korean dance program. Street Dance Girls Fighter that premiered on Mnet on November 30, 2021. And is schedul to air every Tuesday at 10:20 PM KST. Female dance teams composed of high school-aged girls compete to become the top teenage dance group. The winning unit receives a 10,000,000  scholarship, an opportunity to help as a publicity. Model for financial services for teens, and the Street Dance Girls Fighter Trophy.

“‘Street Woman Fighter’ has sparked a dance boom (across the country). … Although ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter’ is a spin-off of the show, it will likely be an entirely different program. Street Dance Girl Fighter if Street Woman Fighter was a wild survival program, Street Dance Girls Fighter will be a teenage coming-of-age story where the girls fight to become a top dance crew,” explains Kwon Young-chan , the program’s executive producer, said during an online conference on Tuesday.

Kwon, who also produced Street Woman Fighter, said he hopes to show the young dancers’ stunning performances along with their high energy and excitement. The program aims to discover talented dancers who dream of becoming star choreographers like Honey J and Monika, he added.

Street girls dance forever

Who won the Street Dance Girl fighter?

The impressive dance performances and high energy of South Korean high school students shocked many at home and abroad in Mnet’s latest dance competition, Street Dance Girls Fighter. Turns took home the highest award among the 40 entries and mesmerized both the jury and the audience with his creative flair and professionalism.

While six finalists made their final appearances earlier this month, Turns took the stage by earning the highest scores from live viewer voting, past mission scores, and average judge scores in the first and second rounds of the tournament. last day. The result left “no doubt” among many viewers. Some even expected the team to win from the start of the show.

“(Winning) hasn’t really affected us yet. Although we aimed for first place, the result was unpredictable. … Since all the finalists were high qualified, we were very worried if they, like us, would show new acting styles to captivate the public,” Turns’ 18-year-old Song Hee-soo said during an interview with The Korea Herald CJ ENM headquarters in Seoul.

Team leader Jo Na-in, 18, said the crew’s perseverance in the face of challenges was the key factor in his victory. The five of them tried out new concepts and dance moves throughout the show thanks to their mentor YGX, who helped the team find their unique style instead of becoming “little YGXs.”

Street Dance Girls Fighter’ to continue ‘K-dance’ fever with teens

The upcoming dance competition show “Street Dance Girls Fighter” aims to continue to increase interest in dance by reviving the idea of the hit cable channel show “Street Woman Fighter,” this time featuring talented teenage female dance groups.

The show will feature dance teams made up of high school girls who will compete to win a prize of 10 million won ($8,420). The top-tier women’s teams (YGX, Lachica, Want, WayB, Coca N Butter, Prowdmon, HolyBang, and Hook) who faced each other on “Street Woman Fighter” will appear as part of the contestants’ panel of judges and mentors.

Street Dance Girl Fighter Ep 6 Eng Sub

The episode begins with the 7 surviving crews enjoying a penthouse pool party. Then, each crew went to their respective hideout where the fourth mission, the Mega Crew Mission, is present. Each crew will create and do a choreography with a smallest of 25 artists that must be personally recruit by each crew. Weki Meki’s Choi Yoo-jung, Loona’s Yves, and Lee Young-ji appear as guest artists with WANT. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung appears as a guest artist with HOOK.

Performances and judges’ scores from LACHICA, HolyBang, CocaNButter, PROWDMON and HOOK were shown on this episode.

The Following Street Dance Girls Fighter Ep 6 Eng Sub

The Mega Crew mission continues with the unveiling of the YGX and WANT judges’ achievements and scores. All crews’ global poll results are revealed and added to their judges’ scores to calculate final scores. HolyBang wins this mission with the highest total score. The three teams with the lowest scores, LACHICA, CocaNButter and WANT, will be nominat for elimination.

It is announced that two teams will fight and the loser will be eliminated. LACHICA will automatically be entered into the fight with the lowest total score. The second team will be select by HolyBang who had the highest total score. HolyBang choose I WANT.

LACHICA takes on WANT in a best-of-seven dance battle. After an intense battle, LACHICA emerges victorious and WANT is eliminat.

The next mission, the P-Nation Choreography Mission, will be reveal, in which each team will choreograph. P-Nation artist Jessi’s new song, “Cold Blooded.” Jessi has a guest appearance to announce the song.

Dance crew Turns wins Mnet ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter’

Five-member dance crew turns became the final winner of Mnet’s dance race “Street Dance Girls Fighter” on Tuesday, winning home the top honor along with 10 million won ($8,350) in top money.

“Street Dance Girls Fighter,” which premier in November as a extra from the chain network’s. Hit “Street Woman Fighter,” took watchers by presenting avid and talented high schoolers’ dance changes.

However, the six final — Newnion, Floor, Mismolly, Turns, Brand New Child and K.L.W.C — sent their final performances. And also, the winner was resolute by scores from live voting by viewers (40 percent), previous mission scores (30 percent) and judges.  Average cuts in the last day’s first and second round (30 PER).

Moreover, for the first round of their final acts, each crew perform to a song that had been again produced. Newnion and Floor did for Itzy’s “Weapon,” while Mismolly and Turns showed their great movements for Mamamoo’s. Solar and Moonbyul’s “Bada Boom.” K.L.W.C and Brand New Child performed to Jeon So-yeon’s “Fire.” The finalists took turns and showed their creative and fine performances freely to what they had prepared for the second round.


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