Dark fiber links are dedicated, point-to-point connections that allow companies to create their own. And private communications network since this service does not have any intermediate active equipment. Instead, it delivers to an optical port connected to the communication equipment at the link’s point of origin and endpoint.

Dark fiber is cast-off to name fiber optic circuits whose wires or cables do not have light impulses in telecommunications. The adjective “dark” refers to the fiber optic strands having not been “illuminate”.


Dark fiber has a series of qualities that make it one of the options with the most significant capacity. Security for the most demanding productive sectors such as government institutions, banking and finance and renowned educational institutions.

Dedicated Point-To-Point Connection

Dark fiber links are dedicate connections with the capacity to allow companies to achieve private communication, and this service does not have any intermediate active equipment, which benefits connectivity and information security.

A dark fiber installation will require a point of origin and endpoint of the link and the structure of an optical port that must connect to the communication equipment of the institution contracting the solution.

High Upload and Download Speeds

One of this solution’s most excellent essential features, which makes it stand out from fiber optics, is its high data transmission capacity. This solution can transmit a virtually unlimited bandwidth, allowing the uploading and downloading of high volumes of information.

Permanent Support

This solution includes technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Optical Networks includes this permanent management as part of the dark fiber solution to guarantee its benefits to the most demanding companies.

Does Not Use Multiplexing

Multiplexing is a practice used to combine two or more signals and transmit them through the same medium. This practice can make the Dark Fiber not meet its privacy and scalability characteristics.

Dark Fiber is also known as Dark Networks.

It Is Increasingly Common To Hear About Dark fiber concerning large companies and administrations. But above all, when these private or public organizations need to activate or expand their services, require site interconnection solutions, request significant bandwidth demands or need to interconnect offices.

Advantages of using Dark Fiber

Dark fiber

In addition to the advantages that the use and utilization of fiber optics present, the use or availability of dark fiber present the following benefits for any large company, organization or administration:

Rental of excess fiber already installed. The remaining dark fiber is offer on a rental basis to other interest administrations or companies to make private use of it. Setting up their fiber optic networks and applying the technology that best suits their needs.

Allows the growth of services and meeting new needs: Having more fiber optic cables than necessary allows having the essential infrastructure once the network is require to grow in the future or new demands need to meet.

Temporary backup

In the event of a connection, transfer or speed problem, having excess fiber optics and cabling would allow the dark fiber, that is, the fiber optics installed but not used, to act as a temporary backup

How does Fiber Work?

Fiber  optic cables are made from numerous fiberglass strands, with diameters equal to a human hair’s size, transmitting data through the light at high speed.

It is excellent for high-speed Internet users because with the right electronics, the speed and capacity of fiber are nearly endless, making fiber the gold standard for Internet service delivery.

Additionally, fiber technology allows multiple data streams to travel on a single fiber, often with dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM). That transmits different data streams at different wavelengths. Therefore, one company can use only a fraction of a cable’s potential to share data on the same thread as other companies.

Dark Fiber Rental

However, it must consider that possibly a large part of this unused fiber optic cabling will not be use by the companies and administrations that own the installation. In this way, the commercial interest of renting the leftover is born.

This fact is usually use, for example, for companies and administrations that have their headquarters. And work center at great distances from each other. Need to interconnect them, with a fast, instantaneous and secure connection between their offices.

It is also common to observe the rental of dark fiber in areas. Where there is a high demand for bandwidth. Also such as Data Centers or technology parks. Where a significant flow of data is expect, without having to make new channels in the future.


This type of connection has a high level of security and bandwidth, capable of satisfying. The most demanding sectors with the most significant demands for information. And also ark fiber leasing is one of the most beneficial solutions for highly confidential industries. And that allows them to access exclusive communication under the opex model.