The darknet is a shelter for many criminals who use the Internet to offer criminal services and other illegal activities. For example, in September 2020, the announced results of the Disrupt operation targeted buyers and sellers of illicit products on the dark web.

However, not everything is negative in this environment. The fact that the browsers used to access the dark web allows private browsing makes it possible. To access completely legal sites in countries with censorship. Or it simply facilitates anonymous browsing so that the user who wants it can preserve their privacy.

Within the darknet, we can find, among other things: financial and commercial services, email and messaging services, political activism pages, blogs, websites for the sale of criminal products or services, etc.

Dangers of the “Darknet”


The negative part of these pages and their environment is that cybercriminals move with total anonymity, thus allowing more cyberattacks to carry out.

Some of the risks for users when browsing the darknet are:

  • Infection through a virus or Malware.
  • Identity theft or credentials.
  • Intellectual property leak.
  • Espionage and hijacking of webcams.
  • details that make a difference in the network

Websites within the dark web look a lot like any other traditional website, but there are significant differences. One of them is the name structure; instead of ending, darknet sites end in different domains such as .onion in the case of the Tor network.

What Exactly Is The Dark Web?

There is content that search engines do not index on the dark web and requires authorization. Specific software to access it. Dark web content is formed on the dark web: a part of the web that is only accessible through particular browsers or settings.

Why Was The Dark Web Created?

Freenet’s 2000 launch is credited with starting the dark web’s history. The goal of Ian Clarke’s thesis, which he turned in to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, was to develop “A Decentralized Distributed Information Storage and Retrieval System.”Said another way, he was attempting to find a means to converse, share data, and engage in online interaction without being detected.

Is The Dark Web Use For Illegal Purposes?

Yes, the dark web uses to carry out many illegal activities. Various drugs can be bought and sold on this network’s marketplaces.

Hackers sell their services, such as access to email accounts, social media profiles, or other data used for identity theft. You can also access criminal sites that contain violence or child pornography. On the other hand, fraud and scams are rampant on the dark web. Deals that are too good to be true, services that require payment upfront but are never deliver and even Malware. In a site with so much freedom and illegality,

Is The Dark Web Dangerous?

There is no doubt that the dark web can be dangerous: there are more risks in a place without rules than on the surface web. Strewn like landmines across the dark web, Malware is a prevalent danger. With so many unknown sites on the dark web, it’s harder to distinguish safe websites from shady ones, and it’s also easier to become a victim.

Scams abound on the dark web. A site that offers hired assassins may charge $5,000 for an assignment, but they have little incentive to complete the job later if they get the money first. And then the scammed person can’t even report the incident to the police, of course.

People who surf the dark web regularly know that it is possible to take advantage of the bad reputation of the space and the services offered. They can provide listings for what a new visitor to this network is likely to look for and then cash in on the newbie’s readiness to complete the purchase.

Trading and Markets on the Dark Web

Many dark web marketplaces offer a wide variety of products. Most provide an e-shopping experience similar to “shallow” websites by allowing you to apply filters to narrow results and leave reviews. These reviews offer a certain level of legitimacy in an otherwise lawless market and alert other users to the dangers ahead.

What Can You Buy On The Dark Web?

On the dark web, you can buy all kinds of items, many illegal. To sell and purchase drugs and fraudulent material, such as stolen data and other personal information.

Hackers sell their services and educational materials to become a hacker. It’s worth noting that hackers have targeted Uber, Lime, Netflix, and many other prominent companies.

How To Protect Yourself And Prevent Your Data From Falling On The Dark Web

If the dark web seems like a place you’d never want to visit, don’t worry it’s not easy to get onto it by mistake. Demanding browsers and specific knowledge, the dark web is only reach by people actively trying to enter it.

But even if you never intend to visit it, you wouldn’t know his data was there unless you knew how to sweep this network. Unexpectedly became a victim of identity fraud after a data breach.