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The good news is that my last pillar in this galaxy sullivan supply is not about the “abolition of culture.” Well almost. Agree with some critics that it’s a bit crazy to say that I’ve just been “cancel”, sent into oblivion and sullivan supply banishment due to some supposed sin. I do not have. I will no longer write for a magazine that has every right to hire and fire whoever they want when it comes to the content they want to publish.

The quality of my work does not seem to be the problem. After all, I have a long article in the next print magazine about how the plague is changing societies. I have written some of the most usually read articles in the magazine’s history and my column has been popular with readers. Have no complaints about my interactions with the wonderful editors and sullivan supply fact checkers here and. In fact, I am very grateful for their extraordinary talent, skill, and compassion. We was in the office maybe a few times over the course of four years, so there’s no question that someone could abuse me or vice versa. In fact, he was proud and happy to be a part of this company.

New York Magazine And Vox Media Employees And Management

I think what happened is relatively simple. A large number of New York Magazine and Vox Media employees and management. No longer want to be associat with me, and in an age of ever-shrinking budgets, I am a luxury item. They don’t want to pay. This is entirely up to you. They seem to believe, and this is gradually the dogma in the mainstream media, that any writer who does not actively engage in critical theory on issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity is actively and physically detrimental to their peers. Workers simply by being in the middle. Same default space. In fact, attacking, and even mocking, the ideas sullivan supply and methods of critical theory, as it has consistently done in this space, is out of sync with Vox Media’s values. This, as I understand it, is the reason I left here.

For example, the most recent study of Harvard faculty found that only 1.46 percent describe themselves as conservative. But this is probably higher than the proportion of journalists who call themselves conservatives in the New York Times, CNN, or New York Magazine. It is perhaps worth noting that in my case the word “conservative” means that I have passionately opposed Donald J. Trump and been a pioneer in marriage equality, that I am in favor of legal drug, criminal justice reform, greater wealth redistribution, crackdown on climate change, and police reform. Realistic foreign policy and laws to protect transgender people from taste. I was one of the first presses in the well-known media to come out of the closet.

The New York Times, CNN, or New York Magazine

It seems to me that if such conservatism is so disgusting that many of my colleagues are embarrassed to work for the same magazine, then. I have no idea what version of conservatism can be tolerated. that’s good. We have freedom of memory in this country, and if the normal media want to cut ties with the anti-Trump moderate conservatives, because they won’t bow before the critical theory of reality version, that’s their prerogative. It may gain you more readers, at least temporarily. But this is not a systemic problem than it has been in the past. Because the web has greatly eroded the power of gatekeepers to suppress and control sullivan supply speech. I was one of the first to realize this potential for individual freedom of expression and helped promote individual online media, especially blogs, 20 years ago.

And this is where I’m now headed

Since I closed The Dish, my blog site, five years ago, after 15 years of daily blogging. I have never missed the crazy hours when my health has deteriorated. But this is what I really do and miss: writing freely without being defensive; Convey stern and intelligent opposition and engage with readers in an objective way that avoids Twitter madness; A truly free intellectual space where anything, yes anything, can be discussed without personally offending or questioning motives; And where readers can force me to change my mind (or not) through outright reasoning or personal testimonials.

I miss readers who were really eclectic (leftist, liberal, centrist, rightist, reactionary). Who love being challeng by me and others. I just miss the sheer fun that used to be a part of piracy before all those humorless and serious. Took over the press: jokes, window views, silly videos, quizzes, puns, rickrolls, etc. The most popular feature we ever introduced was completely apolitical: the View From Your Window contest. It was as simple and humane as today’s web is full of dangers and inhumane sullivan supply. And in an age of isolation and despair due to the coronavirus. The need for a humane, tolerant yet provocative and engaging society is more urgent than ever.


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