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Real estate write for us. We will be happy to publish your article on our blog cosmopolitans blog if you want to write on property, real estate, construction, household finances, property laws, or home improvement We want to give your abilities to the audience they deserve.

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How To Submit Your Real Estate Guest Posts On Cosmopolitans Blog

Make sure you have an expert knowledge on the topic you choose about. Please email us at and review us your article.

What’s In It For You?

You will get a broader audience to share your content with.

And You will get a link back to your site or social media platforms.

You get a byline and proper credit for your article.

Guest Posting Guidelines On Cosmopolitans Blog

  1. 100 % original material is required for all article submissions. It should not yet be publish on other blogs or institutions.
  2. If your article has been posted elsewhere, it will be removed immediately from our blog. All partnerships for copyright violations will be reviewed.
  3. Articles should not have at least 750 words and more than 1500 words.
  4. Articles should be well -research and unique! And you wrote it.
  5. We. We have the right to accept or reject the proposed links within the article as well as insert additional contacts.
  6. By submitting your article, you allow us to reserve the right to format the item that is submit to your style and tone. It usually consists of adding any additional images needed to fix the language and grammar and make the piece more visible. However, it depends on the individual post.
  7. Whether or not you can add a picture, but if you do, please make sure to use commercially.
  8. We allow only one do -follow -up external link. If you add more links, they will be tag without any follow and it should be connect to the resource page.

Make sure you have an expert knowledge on the topic you choose about. Please email us at and review us your article.

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