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It’s not exactly ye technical question that’s easy to answer. But I’m sure you follow an reason that has thousands if not lots of groups who involve and interact with every post the account shares. But how did they do it? Do they know something about Instagram promotion that you don’t?

Many people are unaware of the work and thinking behind the scenes of these major clients. You don’t realize the amount of work that goes into building a following of 50,000+ people and the loyalty to every post.

Luckily I helped you, worked with ye technical you and created accounts just like this one. And today I’m going to show you selected of my favorite strategies to build an promised and growing community on Instagram using some advanced tricks of the trade.

Tell People Double Tap When Ye Technical  XYZ

You know people connect to your technical content that makes them feel better about themselves, so create content that allows them to do so. A post like this is related to people being motivated and living interesting lives:

If you double tap this image you will feel inspired to live life to the fullest ye technical and not just sit back, pay your bills and die.

While you are here

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Here is another Birchbox example:

  • Impressive right? The same approach can be used anyway of your industry and account:
  • Cleaning company: “Knock twice if you hate weekend pick-ups.”
  • Marketing house: “Double tap if you think drones are the next big thing.”
  • Local Restaurant: “Tap twice if you think you could eat this gigantic meal.”
  • Tell People To Tag Someone Who Is Ye Technical

This is a tactic that gives you the opportunity to gain new followers in an exciting way. We know that people want to mature and build relationships, and we also know that people want to bring value or entertainment to others. How can we benefit from this? We make posts that inspire people to do just that.

Marie CurieIn this General Electric publication we see a quote from Marie Curie, a physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Because Marie had such a strong legacy and GE recognized that with this post, people on-going class their friends so they too could see the price and study nearly marine. It goes back to the reason we share: to provide value to ye technical others.

And then there’s the approach, which is based around helping others to build and maintain relationships. Instagram account.

Grow With Hashtags And Tags Without Appearing As Spam

There are a rare things you should know about hashtags and tagging on Instagram. The first thing is to understand that hashtags can be one of the best ways to quickly build a following on Instagram, but also one of the fastest ways to make your current followers hate you. First, let’s discuss the importance of relevance.

Don’t Use Irrelevant Hashtags On Your Posts

Imagine you are on forty pages of a novel that leaves you hanging on every word. You feel deeply connected to the characters and are excited to see what happens next. To your surprise, as you turn the page, you come across a recipe for apple pie. How would you feel? Confused? upset? Shocked? This is exactly how people feel when brands start using hashtags that have no relevance to the ye technical content they create. Don’t use hashtags unless you’re sharing similar content with the rest of the stream. If so, don’t be surprised if you have a handful of people negatively commenting or even reporting your content.

Comment On Your Own Posts Using The Ye Technical Hashtags

My other business trick regarding hashtags is pretty simple. Instead of using hashtags in the title of your posts, click Share and then comment using those hashtags. That way, when your content hits their feed, they’re not the first thing someone sees. Hashtags placed on still images in comments give your content a chance to be found and shared without coming across as spam. As more people participate, the comment with your hashtags will eventually disappear.

One of the best attires about Instagram is its feature of discovering and following recommendations. Discover-Explore

On the left is Instagram’s Discover page, which is what appears by default when you click Search. On this page, Instagram makes recommendations on posts that its algorithm thinks you would be interested in. Recommendations are based on your likes, likes of your followers, likes of Pages you follow, and things like hashtags you use and accounts ye technical you mention.


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