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Regular yoga students and teachers reach cosmopolitans blog and also thousands of fitness and life coach personals worldwide. Cosmopolitans Blog has a strong readership audience in over 30 countries including USA, India, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, and the UK, to name a few.

We would most gratefully appreciate your contribution on topics related to health and well being. Your work will get excellent exposure in the yoga community as each issue and article is featured through our newsletters and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, reaching an average of 80,000 e-subscribers as well as over 70,000 Facebook fans.

Our editorial team will analysis your article and polish your writing if necessary for easy reading.

We welcome articles for the below topics.

  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Yoga Travel Stories
  • Yoga Therapy for ailments
  • Meditation / Mindfulness
  • Healthy Eating
  • Yoga Community News
  • Yoga Literature review
  • Yoga Research articles
  • Yoga Product Reviews
  • Yoga Events Press Release

If you’re interested in gaining additional exposure by writing for the cosmopolitans blog regularly, send your queries to

Please ensure that each piece meets the following guidelines:

Send original and informative pieces that have not been published in other journals or magazines.

Please send topic-related bits and include a brief biography that covers details about your yoga-related experience or professional exercise. Ahead shot photo may also be submitted which will be featured in the author’s bio.

Self-promotional pieces such a press release, newsletter, or advertisement for a studio or teacher should not be submitted.

You are also encouraged to forward previously published pieces as well as links to your Twitter or Facebook pages if these are available.

Additional style and editing guidelines that are recommended:

  • Proofread pieces for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors prior to submission
  • 250-1200 word entries that are not longer than three pages
  • Short paragraphs that enhance readability
  • A proper reference for all quoted material and ideas
  • Attach photos of yoga poses if the article content has poses instructions.

Submissions will be selected founded on the quality of writing, originality of ideas, and the relevance of the topic. In addition, minimal edits may be made to submitted pieces before publication.

By submitting an article, the writer grants full rights to Asana Journal to publish the article and duplicate or create derivative works based on the content.

Expand your contact and experience by becoming a regular contributor for International Yoga Journal today.

If you already have your article ready, please submit the article through our article submission page.  We only accept articles that are submitted through this page.

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