Appropriate technology is a movement and its appearances encircling small-scale, decentralized, labor-intensive, energy-efficient, environmentally sound. In the book Small is Beautiful, Schumacher conceived it as an intermediate technology. Schumacher and many modern proponents of appropriate technology also emphasize that technology is people-centric.


Appropriate technology responds to the needs of small-scale technologies as a solution to the problems of rapidly rising energy costs. Growing scarcity of non-renewable energy resources, and the persistent problem of developing the means for individuals. Communities to become self-sufficient  autonomous dependent.

Though these problems are affect to the of whole country because it is low-income communities have most affected by the current energy crisis. That need the most effective assistance to achieve self-sufficiency appropriate technology. The notion of “appropriate technology” was born in the development cooperation sector following dissatisfaction. Also with technology transfer results between the industrial and developing countries. The idea is to improve the practices of local populations by providing them with inexpensive technical solutions that are easy to implement with local materials.

To do this, AT is “Based on the Local Production

  • meet the needs of the majority of members of a community
  • employ local natural resources, distributing capital and labor in proportion to their ability to fit into a sustainable development perspective
  • be controlled by the community that manages them
  • enhance the know-how and dignity of users
  • be non-violent towards the environment and human communities
  • be socially, economically, and ecologically profitable
  • Their origins may be old forgotten techniques “brought up to date,” even modernized, or techniques already used in other places. The concept of TA sometimes mix with those of:

Blended Technologies

Blended technologies would be a fusion of modern and traditional technologies applying within the existing socio-economic framework of the technologies, variants of the previous ones, [which] are existing technologies that should disseminate after selection and improvement.”

The fundamental principle of appropriate technology is that technology should design to fit and be compatible with its local environment. It usually accepts that the primary goal of the Appropriate Technology movement is to increase local autonomy at the local level.

“Appropriate technology is a technology designed with particular attention to the environmental, cultural, social, and economic aspects of the community for which it intends. With these goals, appropriate technology generally requires fewer resources is also easier to maintain has a lower overall cost, and lower environmental impact

“Appropriate technology describes a way to meet human needs with the least impact on the Earth’s limited resources. Is the technology made locally, or does it use local materials? Can it be manufactured “Good technology is being aware of what we are doing and knowing the consequences. Appropriate technology is a bottom-up process; it does not superimpose on the situation. It responds to the economic needs of the base

“Appropriate technology reflects an approach to technology development characterized by creative and sound engineering that recognizes the social, environmental, political, economic, and technical aspects of a technological solution to a society’s problem. In general the appropriate technologies are small-scale environmentally friendly technologies. Socially benign, affordable, and often powered by renewable energy.

Technology is accessible and affordable to ordinary women and men within their communities and sustainable, both economically and environmentally.

Information and Communication Technologies

communication technology

Which merged mobile telephony with Grameen Bank’s microfinance program to give Bangladeshi villagers access to communication. Mobile telephony is an appropriate technology for many developing countries, as it dramatically reduces the infrastructure needed to achieve widespread coverage. However, the mobile phone network may not always be available and may not always provide voice and data services.

Lob and removes all photographic and other bandwidth-intensive content from web pages  plain text while otherwise allowing to browse usually. A growing number of activists provide free or very inexpensive web and email services using cooperative computer networks that run ad hoc wireless networks. A cooperative of neighbors provides network service, each operating a router as a household appliance.

These minimize the wired infrastructure, along with its costs and susceptibilities. Private Internet Procedure networks set up in this way can operate without a commercial provider. Rural electrical networks may wire with “optical phase cable,” One or more steel armor wires replaced by steel tubes containing optical fibers.

Satellite Internet access can provide high-speed connectivity to remote locations. But these are much more expensive than wired and terrestrial wireless systems. Because forms of packet radio can use. Depending on speed and potential of networks, they may be able to relay traffic, eliminating the need for separate telephony services. The Internet Radio Link Project offers possibility of combining older local radios with increased reach of Internet.


Adequate technology makes optimal use of the resources available in a territory for the maximum social welfare of its population. Sectors of the economy with different characteristics make different technology. It is desirable to allow a balanced development pattern, where the extract resources can gradually regenerate in equilibrium. The product must generate for income levels and the different lifestyles. Cover needs, not create conditions.