Business education is an educational project aimed at companies and public and private entities interested in designing and developing education and training programs for the benefit of their workers and servers.

We believe that the challenges of globalization and competitiveness require that leading companies and entities strengthen the organizational culture project themselves from corporate knowledge, based on a pedagogical model whose principles, strategies, orientations, and relationships give foundation to a Business Educational Project.

We are interested in promoting Business Education generate its own space within the educational field and become a promoter of building personal and organizational learning.

Professionals from various disciplines will use this virtual space as a channel for disseminating information, discussing ideas, and formulating proposals on the educational process in general and especially on the particularities that its application offers to work adults.

 Characteristics of Business Education

The basic idea behind a business education is to produce more and better entrepreneurs in the long term. The aim has to be that these new entrepreneurs learn how to continue their business careers and maximize their business goals for their benefit and the rest of society. Business education has to maintain that the center of its action is the person in all its extension and that later, as a second purpose, here is what to do.

Business education is working on attitudes; it is to help learners to define their role and their actions; to create your life. Knowledge provides human beings with the skills and abilities necessary to develop economically and socially. Able to gather all kinds of funds around their idea, strong and determined in understanding this vision.

Business education is a process that allows you to develop a business culture and promote an attitude that may or may not lead to the birth of a company with an economic purpose, but which should provide a concept of personal values ​​that innovatively leads the individual and transcendent. Business education requires the development of human virtues; therefore, it must cover the entire society, regardless of its size, function, sector, structure, etc. Ensuring an entrepreneurial spirit means providing a resource that enhances people’s ability to achieve results.

Why is Business Education Important?

Young women with entrepreneurial education are more likely to start their own companies. Up to 20% of students who participate in a mini-business program in high school later start their own business. That’s up to five times higher than in the general population. The companies created by these students are also more ambitious.

Entrepreneurship is an ability that can learn. It is unnecessary to be born an entrepreneur to run a successful business. Thanks to developing an entrepreneurial mindset and skills, we can be one of them. In Europe, more entrepreneurs need to create jobs; therefore, they support this type of education in all.

It is not in vain that neo-president had aroused so much hope in Argentina when, for example, they encouraged a boy who was selling roses to buy a bicycle. Also, when she has evoked the past of his grandparents and parents in business creation.

Objectives Of Business Education

The Objectives of Entrepreneurial Education are still vague for many of those involved in said process, which is why this article presents the approaches towards which the activities of the area are direct so that the impact can measure and expected results achieved.

Due to the social nature of entrepreneurship, it has not yet been possible to establish a standard for its teaching. Therefore, to develop business education processes, various paths have been taken that are unclear about the common objectives of the learning process.

They guide selecting the content, methodology, and evaluation systems. It should be clear that the starting point for designing an entrepreneurship education program is to establish the pursued goals.

How To Learn To Be An Entrepreneur?


Entrepreneurial mindsets and competencies can be:

  • effectively built only through practice, real-life experiences, and project work;
  • taught in all subjects as an independent subject or combined with another;
  • important for ‘entrepreneurs’ who fulfill the role of entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators within a group or organization;
  • promoted beyond educational institutions to businesses and the community at large.

Key Issues And Challenges For Entrepreneurship Education ;

  • a good strategy at the political level;
  • teacher training;
  • assessment of business skills learned by young people.

Actions Of the European Commission and Support for Entrepreneurship Education

  • Educational policies are the responsibility of EU countries, but the Commission acts as a catalyst and facilitator offering support:
  • by making entrepreneurship education an essential feature in education systems;
  • exchange of ideas, knowledge, experience, and best practices among countries, stakeholders, and practitioners;
  • development models, standard instruments, and projects with high added value at the level.


Business education is a matter of attitude, a different point of view that does not accept the existing one it is innovative because it is creative and inventive; it should empower women and men with leadership qualities to define a possible vision.

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