How To Cancel Disney Plus. Mean while, Disney Plus (Disney+) has just landed (well, in three lucky regions: the US, Canada and the Netherlands), but you’re already looking for that withdrawal button. That’s okay. Whatever your reason for stopping, Disney Plus is one of those payment services that doesn’t require a stack of clicks to move away from it. It’s even simpler than downloading Disney Plus titles for offline seeing.

Below is a list of the minority of manual cancellation steps to follow in a CPU browser (or you can tap the matching options on a compatible Disney Plus touchscreen device) to quickly cancel Disney Plus, no matter what country you’re in.

Alternatively, you can follow this link, which should take you honest to the cancellation page once you enter your login details. You should receive an email on your down account that confirms the cancellation of your account.

And also, it’s worth noting that the cancellation applies after the current billing or trial (if relevant) period. This funds if you pay for a month and cancel immediately; your cancellation goes into effect after that month expires. The screen associated with Step 5 above will tell you your next billing date and when the cancellation will occur.

Also, if you’ve ordered Disney+ via a third-party provider (e.g. the App Store or Google Play), you can follow the same steps above until you reach the ‘Billing details’ page. Then follow the relevant blue hyperlink to the specific third-party service to cancel your Disney+ Subscription.

Disney Plus +

Cancelling Disney Plus

However, disney plus subscribers can cancel their Subscription at any time. Please note that withdrawing your Disney+ Subscription will not delete your Disney+ account or the Disney account you use for other products and experiences from The Walt Disney Company.

Select the scenario below that best applies for more information:

  1. I want to cancel my Disney Plus Subscription
  2. I want to delete my Disney account
  3. Cancel my Disney+ Subscription

If you’re billed through Disney+, follow the steps below to cancel your Subscription (steps may vary for subscribers billed through a third party):

  • Log in to your Disney+ account through a computer or mobile browser
  • Selected your PROFILE
  • ACCOUNT Select
  • Selecting  your Disney Plus Subscription under Subscription

So, you will be prompted to share your reason for cancelling, fill out the survey (optional) and complete the cancellation

You’ll continue to have access to Disney+ until the end of your current billing cycle but will not be charged moving forward. More information on cancellation can be found in your Subscriber Agreement.

Third-Party Billing

If you pay for Disney+ through a third party, the steps to cancel your Subscription may vary. Navigate to your third-party’s help centre or contact them to learn more.

Delete my Disney account

And also, to delete your Disney account, you will first need to cancel any active Disney+ subscriptions. You should also delete any other active subscriptions tied to your Disney account to avoid billing charges.

Once you have cancelled your Subscription, please contact us using the choices at the bottom of the page to ask for your Disney account to be deleted.

You can delete your account* via The Walt Disney Company’s Privacy site

  1. Go to Communication Choices on The Walt Disney Company Privacy site.
  2. Select “Disney, ESPN, ABC, Marvel and Star Wars accounts”
  3. Log in to your Disney account**
  4. Scroll down to the bottom.
  5. Select “Delete Account”
  6. Select “Yes, delete this account”

How Much Is Disney Plus a month?

How much does Disney+ cost? Access unlimited entertainment with Disney+ for $7.99/month or $79.99/year. What’s included with Disney Plus.

How to cancel Disney Plus Subscription on Android Devices

Cancel the Disney Plus Subscription on your Android Device by following the steps below:

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Tap the Menu button.
  • Select Subscriptions.
  • Choose Disney Plus from the list of subscriptions.
  • Select Cancel Subscription.
  • Tap Confirm to finalize the Disney Plus subscription cancellation.

Note: Connect to ExpressVPN‘s US server if Disney+ is not available in your region and start the cancellation process. You may also check our list of the Best Disney Plus VPNs to access Disney+ anywhere.


Moreover, currently, there’s no way to cancel your Disney Plus through the mobile app. If you hired up for Disney Plus through a third-party service, you may need to cancel your subscription through that company’s website instead.