Club 4 Fitness is a gym focused on community, knowledge and support. This gym offers a wide variety of amenities, personal training, small group training, and a variety of fitness classes that members of all levels can take advantage of. So how much does an environment like this cost?

Club 4 Fitness membership starts at $10 per month for the basic level. Other choices include Basic Plus at $15 per month, Premium at $25 per month, and Premium Plus at $35 per month. Comforts in each package vary and may include a fitness talk, group classes, solarium and hydro massage, access to all classes, or free babysitting for two children.

If you are intent in learning more about these different membership packages, amenities, cancellation and guest pass policies, you’ve come to the right place! Stay here to learn all about this option to stay fit.

Club Fitness

Club 4 Fitness Membership Benefits

The membership choices sound great, with a variety of gifts based on members’ needs, goals, and budgets. But what about the equipment really?

Club 4 Fitness offers members the following amenities based on membership style:

  • Child care: involved in the Premium Plus membership
  • Workout Classes: From workplace classes to Les Mills and biking, classes are easily accessible
  • Tanning and Red Light Therapy: The gym is not only a place to work out, but also to cater to your well-being and needs, including reducing. Muscle soreness and helping members cool down after exercise
  • Complimentary Fitness Consultation: Every member, regardless of membership package, has the opportunity to participate in a complimentary 30-minute fitness consultation with a Club 4 Fitness representative
  • Plenty of space: These gyms make sure members have enough space and equipment so no one bumps into each other or interferes with their form.
  • Coffee Club: Members can have coffee before or after exercise to meet other members, cool off, or prepare for exercise
  • Turf Area: Great Form Foam regular, stretching and other turf related activities
  • Changing rooms: Includes showers, lockers and sinks
  • Saunas: Beneficial for water bulk loss, saunas have become a main at many gyms.
  • Cardio-Focused Training: Club 4 Fitness focuses on cardio training and offers many resources for members to explore

    Club 4 Fitness Cancellation Policy

As with many other gyms and suitability centers, there is a standard deletion policy and timeframe.

If you wish to cancel your Club 4 Fitness membership for any reason, you must allow a 30-day cancellation window. That being said, if you send a written withdrawal request to the gym, you should have an easy cancellation process.

Let’s say you decide to try another gym in mid-April, you’ll be a member until mid-May, and you’ll have to pay until that time.

Does Club 4 Fitness deal a free trial?

We know it can be daunting to sign up for membership of any kind. That’s why we decided to make sure that you have the opportunity to try this gym without obligation.

Club 4 Fitness offers a normal 3-day free permit so you can try out the amenities, classes, facilities and more.

If you’re about to decide on a center or membership plan, this is a great way to get a feel for the Club 4 Fitness area and see if this is the right gym for you and your goals.

Club 4 Fitness Guest Pass

Because Club 4 Fitness is so accessible in terms of pricing and facilities, you can bring a friend, but there are certain limits you must adhere to.

Regardless of your relationship plan, your guest may only come to you during the hours when the gym is full.

There is a standard fee of $10 for guests, which Premium and Premium Plus members receive at a discounted fee of $5.

Guests are only allowed 3 times a day.

So this is a unlimited option if you have a friend in town for a week or if you want to show your family where you train. After 3 visits, it’s time for them to purchase their own membership if they wish.

Are there any extra costs?

As you currently know, if you want to bring a caller, there is an extra fee of USD 5-10 depending on your connection status.

There is also the choice for members to sign up and train with a personal trainer. Although these costs are not publicly disclosed, these sessions appear to cost an additional fee per session that can be discussed with staff at your location.

Club Fitness 4

What courses does Club 4 Fitness offer?

Alright, so we know all near the membership plans and what’s included, the amenities that locations offer, guests, fees, and cancellations. Aside from the extra cost, what else is there to consider?

  • Oh right. classes!
  • Club Fitness offers a whole range of classes divided into two areas:
  • Studio, Les Mills and Cycling
  • Club360
  • Studio Fitness
  • Studio classes include HIIT (high-intensity interval training), mind-body programs, and indoor cycling options.
  • Trainers use state-of-the-art equipment and sound systems to help members achieve their fitness goals in a community-based atmosphere.

What’s the other option?

Club 360

This teaching style is intended to serve as an alternative. Option for those who are interest in a personal trainer but may not be able to afford to use this resource. With the charge of a group class and the care of a special exercise session. Club 360 is a very popular choice among members.

These courses offer more individual attention in a small group training session. So that each member receives fun, motivating and individualized support from both the trainers and the other members of their class.

Club 4 fitness locations

Club 4 Fitness currently operates 27 gyms across the country with an other 6 places in the works. To catch a Club 4 Fitness gym near you, feel free to use the store locator.

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