Outlook is an [pii_email_e0050aad12cb98bd89ec] email service application. Usually, I am not a big fan that I don’t use this application anymore, there is some reason like you have to pay if you want to use it, but some of my regular readers are facing some problems.

Received an error [pii_email_e0050aad12cb98bd89ec].

So consider looking for ways to fix this error, and I’m working on it. I found several ways that you can try that will probably work; i hope so.

Solution For Error [pii_email_e0050aad12cb98bd89ec].

Causes of error [pii_email_e0050aad12cb98bd89ec].
Separate emails, eliminate unnecessary ones.
Clear the app’s cache and cookies.
Try updating the app.
Set or change the SMTP port.

What Is OutLook

What is perspective? Outlook is a platform that we use to send emails to someone. Windows is under ‘Microsoft Office’ premium apps as we know it is premium so you have to pay for that if you want to use it [pii_email_e0050aad12cb98bd89ec].

Millions of users using this, one of the causes of its popularity is Microsoft Windows because Outlook and other offer apps like Word, PowerPoint, come earlier in Windows 10 or other nearby updated versions.
The app also comes for high-end mobile, you can use it on both devices, it is available on the mobile play store, so you can download and use it with the same Microsoft account that you use on your PC when I say about its ‘UI’ , so it’s pretty cool, but setting it up was a bit tricky compared to Gmail and Yahoo Mail.
That’s why it’s a bit difficult to find the cause of the error, I adjusted all the possible settings and found some errors in the settings that could be the possible cause of the [pii_email_e0050aad12cb98bd89ec] error and some ways or settings to fix this.

Cause Of Error [pii_email_e0050aad12cb98bd89ec].

After doing some research on the internet, I found some other things like people found and faced some other Outlook error which is similar to this [pii_email_44553598f096d29b6a46], [pii_email_e0050aad12cb98bd89ec] and [pii_email_9040e886dc61f70dad0c] all those errors seemed to be caused by almost Same Cause, so i include them all, in my article if you have one of those so you can try the same ways to fix it.

One cause of the error may be what I found, log in with multiple accounts, why do I think this may be a reason? Because I also work as an email networking expert and facing the same problem with Gmail due to high number of email logins, sometimes the app crashes when I switch one account to another, so maybe it is also the cause of the error.
Another thing that can also be the cause of the error. unwanted cache in the app.
The other possible causes may be the app not updating for a long period.
This error appears maybe when we try to send a mail, so maybe this error appears due to an error between the SMTP server or the port.
Here are some other causes, which we’ll talk about later, because they’re minor, so I don’t think they affect the majority. You can fix them using the ways I explain below.

Solution for the error [pii_email_e0050aad12cb98bd89ec].

Separate emails, eliminate unnecessary ones.
High volume of emails can also lead to the error, so it is possible that if you got this error [pii_email_e0050aad12cb98bd89ec], then you are also facing this error, not only in Outlook but also in Gmail.
A large number of email logins may not only fail to receive or send mail, but sometimes the application stops working. So for that you have to separate your emails, log in only with those accounts that are really important to you, otherwise separate email using attentive to outlook app.

Clear the app’s cache and cookies.

Sometime cache and cookies can also create errors and prevent you from sending emails so you need to clear your app cookies, please follow the next step for that.
First, open your system and right click on the Windows icon which will be visible on the bottom left of your screen, then click ‘Run’ from the following options that appear, and you can also use the keyboard shortcut “Windows + R” , takes you to the system’s Run dialog box.
Outlook error [pii_email_e0050aad12cb98bd89ec]
After this, enter the comment ‘%localappdata%\Microsoft\Outlook’ and click OK.
It will take you to the Outlook app folder, if it doesn’t work, otherwise you can manually find the app dictionary by following these steps User > App Data > Local > Microsoft > Outlook.
Outlook error [pii_email_e0050aad12cb98bd89ec]
Here you can see the Outlook application cache folder; To clear the app cache, you need to delete this folder.
Once you remove it, now restart the app, try sending an email.
If you don’t get the error, that’s fine, but if they do come back, I think it’s not working for you, so you can recover the cache folder from the recycle bin if you want.

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