The Food and nutrients beneficial for hair becomes dull begins to fall out suddenly or has a rough and dry appearance. But what are these changes due? The poor condition of the hair can originate due to hormonal or genetic aspects, poor hair hygiene habits, the use of dyes and stains that damage it, stress, the use of some medications that influence the health of the scalp, or insufficient feeding. While some of these reasons have little room for action at a health and personal level, diet is a factor that depends on each one and, therefore, can be modified to achieve healthy hair. Hair consists of keratin protein and other minerals such as magnesium, silicon, or copper. It is essential to maintain a healthy and balanced diet that contains these nutrients.


nutrients for hair

The nutrient to promote and support hair health is protein.

  Essential Nutrients to show off Hair in Good Condition:

Vitamin A  can be found in eggs, liver, vegetables, fortified milk, fish, sunflower, and olive oil. “The function of vitamin A is to prevent the drying of the sebaceous glands, which are fundamental for lubricating the hair follicles and therefore for the prevention and reduction of hair loss

Vitamin B

Food and nutrients beneficial for hair with a high vitamin B content are fish, beef and pork, chicken, soybeans, eggs, legumes, nuts, and whole grains. The latter is “is essential in insulin resistance, a hormone also related to male pattern baldness. It is a cause of folic acid, which helps to oxygenate the hair follicles’ blood, indicate.
Also noteworthy within this group is brewer’s yeast, the natural nutrient that provides more vitamins from the B complex, along with a considerable amount of essential amino acids and other minerals, such as phosphorus.
Vitamin C: Lemon, orange, kiwi, spinach, and broccoli stand out in this group. These foods are involved in synthesizing collagen, the collective tissue that makes up the hair and helps absorb iron.
Iron is Necessary for Healthy and Robust Hair

Red meat, spinach, vegetables, copper, shellfish, spinach, and walnuts are essential components for melanin synthesis in the hair. “This mineral is essential for the oxygenation of the scalp and the pigmentation of the hair.”
Zinc is Essential for Hair Growth

Asparagus, aubergines, potatoes, celery, and figs in meat and fish are essential to strengthen weak and brittle hair in white meats and meats such as liver, almonds, eggs, and fruits and vegetables.
Folic acid is through cereals, nuts, whole grains, orange juice, and wheat. Magnesium, essential for hair health and present in almonds, activates enzymatic reactions that are important for hair health.
These foods are within a balanced diet. In this way, “the hair is strengthened through blood circulation, which nourishes the hair bulb, the area where the hair feeds.

The blood that ranges the hair base must contain the nutrients to grow healthy and strong. However, at the topical level, pharmacy preparations, usually lotions and shampoos, correctly transport the nutrients to the scalp’s destination, which helps strengthen and stimulate its growth. Indicates that it is best to combine all these elements appropriately each time you eat. It also recommends eating lots of vegetables and one or two fruits a day. And it emphasizes the interference of olive oil due to its antioxidant action.

The Importance of Fluids for Hair Health

Liquids are also an essential aspect of balanced diets. It is unnecessary to consume unique waters; the ideal is to ingest one or two liters of water a day. “However, it does not depend only on water or food or hygiene; to have healthy and beautiful hair, we must act on all fronts at the same time to achieve our goal. Water consumption helps with hair problems by keeping hair hydrated and firm. Foods to Avoid on the other hand, some foods be avoided not to damage the hair.

Among them, the following stand out: highly refined foods with excess saturated fats, fried foods, products with hydrogenated fats. All of them are related to increased testosterone levels, enhancing dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels. “This means the hair follicles shrink and grow thinner and weaker,” explains. It is also advisable to avoid carbohydrates with a high glycemic index fast sugars since excessive consumption creates cellular inflammation, harmful to capillary health. It helps if you do not consume carbonated or caffeinated beverages and excess chocolate. Not to carry out a diet that induces malnutrition and vegan diets with vitamin B12 and iron deficiencies.


The third treasure on the special plate for beautiful hair, group B vitamins, boosts the cell renewal of the hair follicles. Dig into pulses, whole grains, dark green leafy vegetables east is also a great source of these vitamins and other essential nutrients such as zinc. Sprinkle regularly on your dishes.

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