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WordPress Write For Us

WordPress Write For Us

WordPress Write For Us: Cosmopolitans Blog is Designed to inform and inspire everyone working with WordPress with the latest news, industry insights, and resources.

Are you passionate about writing and helping people by sharing your WordPress skills and knowledge?  Why not write for us?

Our goal is to grow this blog into a complete resource for WordPress people by publishing more useful, insightful and resourceful articles.

If you are an expert in WordPress or WordPress themes and plugins, this is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and build your reputation in the wider WordPress community by writing for us.

To help grow the blog, we are now accepting guest post contributions with us on

Guest Posting Guidelines For the WordPress Cosmopolitans blog

How it works

Simply follow the steps below to write to us.

Essay Writing: You can choose any topic based on the guidelines given below.

Getting published: If your article meets our requirements, we’ll publish it and let you know it’s live.

If you want to write for us and be feature on the cosmopolitans blog, please read and follow the instructions below carefully.

Content Type:

Content Format: Examples: list article, comparison, review, tutorial, how to guide, tips and tricks etc.

Topic: It should be related to WordPress and beneficial to at least one category of WordPress people. It can be about design, website performance, security, SEO or anything that can help WordPress users or people working with WordPress.

The Content quality:

WordPress Content should be useful: Content should be able to add value to users’ knowledge. Can you share your knowledge and create content that solves a problem or helps the reader increase their knowledge?

High quality: The essay must be well-research, written in grammar-proof English, and strictly check for plagiarism. We want the best for our readers, so content quality is extremely important.

Unique and original content: The article should be 100% original. Never published anywhere.

Give credit: Cite or link to relevant and credible sources (outbound links to high authority websites and internal links). Both types of links are mandatory.

Essay Length: Essay should be at least 1000 words.

Add media: Add appropriate media (images, infographics, videos, links, etc.). All media included must be 100% copyright free.

Copywriting Techniques: Simple, concise and concise sentences and paragraphs. Correct use of keywords etc. Appropriate headings, subheadings, lists and bullets wherever possible.

Grammar proof writing

What is rejection?

We reject any article that does not meet or violates the guidelines outlined under ‘Content Type’ and ‘Content Quality’.

Also, below are some cases of rejection of your article:

  1. Link Building: Any article that is meant for a link building scheme will be reject immediately.
  2. Marketing: Any article created solely for the purpose of marketing will be reject. Biased and affiliate articles will be reject.

Content review and moderation

Any guest author content will be strictly moderated considering the guidelines before publishing.

We may edit our contributors’ content for minor changes (we will provide the final draft to the respective guest author prior to publication).

*We reserve the right to accept or cull submitted articles.

*In case of violation of the guidelines, the articles will be reject outright and no further question will be consider there after.

How to submit?

If you meet all of the above guidelines, please us by sending an email. We will try to contact you immediately and let you know.

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