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At The Cosmopolitans Blog we are committed to covering a diverse Geographic Write For Us array of stories about cities and our mission to improve the quality of life. That’s why we actively promote guest contributions. Most of our interesting content comes from readers like you.

We publish a variety of formats related to our mission to improve cities and quality of life through the tradition of advocacy journalism. While we are based in Seattle and focus much of our coverage on the Puget Sound region, we are open to publishing work that extends beyond that geographic area in cases where the subject matter fits our perspective and Be consistent with values.

How to pitch us

We encourage authors to contact their editors with a brief essay outline to get feedback before going too deep. If we think the proposed article is suitable, we will edit it together with you and publish it in the byline with your name at

Here are some examples of specific themes we are currently looking for.

Op-eds: Do you have an issue or topic you feel passionate about? Do you want to inspire change or raise awareness of the challenges facing cities today? Op-eds are one of the primary ways readers share work, and we publish dozens of them each year. Example:

We need to try everything but figure a novel airport.

Spotlight on Solutions: These articles or essays highlight the work of organizations and individuals who are actively working to improve our cities and offer readers a strong dose of positivity and inspiration. Attractive explanations of forward-thinking public policy are welcome here, too. Examples:

Reopen Tacoma’s Broadway to the public.

Let’s tee off for housing.

Urbanism 101: We’re looking for articles that use accessible language and clear examples to break down. The concepts and terminology of urban planning and policy for the general reader. Example:

Urbanism 101: What is an Eco-District?

Student Showcase: Instead of letting your term project or thesis gather dust in the (digital) archives, why not share it with an engaged community of readers? We can work with you to turn your academic work in urban planning, public policy, public health, environmental studies, and more into an engaging article that communicates with a wide audience. Example:

Green roofs provide a number of advantages with the density of cities.

Community Profile: Do you live in a community or have an experience you’d like readers of The Cosmopolitans blog to know about? A community profile may highlight a neighborhood or city that has not previously been featured in The Cosmopolitans blog coverage. The profile should share what makes the community unique and noteworthy for Cosmopolitan Blogs. Example:

Meet the Skyway: Seattle’s Unorganized Neighborhood South

Photo Essays: In your daily life or travels, have you made observations about cities, policies and society that you would like to share? Submit us your photo essays related to our coverage areas that offer great insights and observations.

Exploring Mountain Lion Urbanism in Boise

Why I’m a Cosmopolitans Blog: The term “cosmopolitans blog” is a broad one, and can mean different things to different people. In an effort to represent the diverse spectrum of people who identify as cosmopolitan blogs, we accept personal narratives that share what it means for people to call themselves cosmopolitan blogs.

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