These days, sending out paper invitations is out of style. Instead, sending out videos to your friends and family is a more interesting way to invite them to significant occasions like weddings and birthdays. Creating a video invitation is no longer a difficult or costly undertaking. You can utilize one you already know or select internet services to generate an eye-catching video invitation if you want to make one.

However, when a small and straightforward graphic invitation does not adequately convey the intensity of their event, they must create an eye-catching yet memorable and concise video invitation with the help of a free online invitation video maker. But how does one go about making a fantastic invitation video? We’ve all got it covered.

What Does Invitation Video Mean?

What Does Invitation Video Mean_

Invitation video is one of the most popular and valuable mediums on the internet today for creating a one-of-a-kind invitation. An invitation video is an excellent tool for increasing the visibility of someone’s event. It provides a way to include essential details such as the date, location, and type of event, as well as narration and music.

A video invitation allows one to interact with guests more effectively, and the host can quickly share the event’s details.

What is the Need to Make an Invitation Video?

Whatever it is a wedding invitation, a birthday invitation, a simple get-together, or any other type of gathering, a video invitation is required to:

  • Share Memories
    Making a video story is an excellent way to share special moments with family and friends.
  • Incite Emotion
    A video can elicit strong emotional responses from viewers.
  • Enhance Engagement
    Video content is more likely to produce engagement, sharing, and comments.

Why Can Invitation Video Boost the Success of Invitations?

Let us look at why video invitations are appealing:

  • It increases the credibility and recognition of those who are watching it.
  • They have the potential and capability of becoming one of the most potent tools of word-of-mouth invitation.
  • It is environmentally friendly because there is no paper waste.
  • Good execution is required.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • It generates social media buzz.
  • It keeps one organized and prevents them from making mistakes at the eleventh hour.

8 Steps To Create Amazing Invitation Video

Numerous engaging paid or free invitation video maker websites are available on the internet that can be used to download a template based on an event’s theme. When choosing the video invitation template, you can use the right invitation maker tool that can add text, icons, and photos, as well as information about themselves and the event.

Follow these eight simple steps to learn more about making an eye-catching video invitation.

Step 1: Select a Template

It may be difficult to believe, but the first three seconds of an invitation video are crucial in capturing the guests’ attention. Thus, before creating an online invitation video, the first step is to set the tone by selecting the perfect style and design for the invitation video.
Every online video creation site has a large selection of templates to choose from. One can select the template that best represents their party theme. For example, if one wants to send a wedding invitation, they must choose an invitation theme that conveys their photos and other wedding ceremony details.

Step 2: Tell an Engaging Story

One of the best strategies for making invites more appealing is to revolve the story around them.
Adding a personal touch to the video can make it more engaging. For example, if someone has taken some great candid shots of themselves with cakes, balloons, or loved ones. They can include them to demonstrate the type of personality they resemble.

Step 3: Add Pictures & Video Clips

Next, one needs to add their favorite images depicting their event’s theme to personalize their invitation. Each image can be used to express a memorable moment related to the picture, and adding edited images can also make the video more exciting and appealing.
If one does not have many photos to choose from, they can use any free invitation video maker’s image library for photos and clips that match their theme.

Step 4: Include Catchy Music

The next step is to give the video a catchy voice. Videos flow better with music. As a result, musical invitations are pretty popular.
One can add a piece of matching music from the invitation video maker tool they are using or record personal messages in their voice.

Step 5: Incorporate Special Effects

Invitation videos can crafted more compelling by introducing additional special effects such as text styles, animated effects, transitions, filters, overlays, and much more. The special effects can be added using online editors. Numerous editing tools are available, most of which are so simple that even a computer novice can use them.

Step 6: Provide Specifics

After the fundamental nature of the invitation has been clarified, Now is the time to add the event’s specifics and details. The data that should included are the date, time, and venue of the event, the person hosting it, as well as any other official information.

Step 7: Add Personalization

One can add small, event-specific video clips they may have made and their favorite phrases in interesting typefaces to make the invitation more unique and inviting. The purpose for the invitation, the date, the time, and the venue of the event should come after statements like “You are cordially invited” or “Join us to celebrate…”
These intimate details will help the attendees understand the kind of event they are about to see.

Step 8: Add Finishing Elements

To make the invitation video more exciting, one can include a funny photo, graphics, or anything else to make their guests smile. After adding all of the information about their event, their final step should be to proofread everything they’ve added. They should also remember to play and watch the video before saving to see if any additional changes are necessary.
Upon getting completely satisfied and happy with the creation of a video invitations, they can show it to their friends and family, upload it to social media platforms like YouTube and share the link with their guests.

Pro Tips to Recall When Creating an Online Invitation Video

Making a good video invitation is simple; making an amazing one is even simpler if one follows the pro tips listed below. These are:

  • Use animation to keep invitees interested.
    Animations are one of the best ways to make a video invite feel unique.
    Custom animations such as animated text, characters, and backgrounds will captivate and excite attendees for all future events.
  • Keep event invitations brief and to the point.
    A handwritten event invitation takes less than thirty seconds to read. This is a good guideline for how long a video invitation should be.
    If the video is too long, invitees risk people skipping ahead to get to the critical stuff and missing essential details. Therefore, one should try to put the important points first — date, time, and any additional information — so their invitee can get to the essential details immediately.
  • Maintain a simple and clean online invitation.
    Just as one wouldn’t overload a static invitations with text. They want their video invitations to reveal the event details clearly and concisely so that their invitees quickly acknowledge the most important points.
    As a result, instead of cluttering the online invitation with scene after scene. One should keep it simple with just 3-4 short scenes.

Final Word

Looking to make an invitation videos for an upcoming party or significant event? We hope this article has covered everything one needs to know to create a stunning invitation videos by following the eight steps listed above. One can be a part of the most popular way to invite guests by creating an invitation video for their upcoming event.