Makeup Bag: Organizing Your Makeup Bag: Because there are only so many hours in a day, it’s logical that organizing and cleaning are frequently neglected. Cleaning up the clutter can’t always be at the top of your to-do list when you’re balancing your job, fitness, friends, family, and social life. However, organizing your cosmetic bag does not have to be complicating or time-consuming. In reality, a little organization may go a long way toward ensuring that your morning routine runs well every time. No more digging through your makeup bag for your fave eyeliner! There will be no more shattered face powder or palettes! We’ve compiled a list of 11 ideas for cleaning and organizing your cosmetics bag like an expert.

Make An Inventory

First and foremost, empty your makeup bag onto a clean surface and sift over everything thoroughly. Believe us, once you realise what you’re up against, arranging your makeup will be a snap. Next, determine what you want to retain and what you feel can go—for instance, if you have multiples of the same blush color, store the excess elsewhere to conserve space. Keep in mind that cosmetics have an expiry date. Toss everything that has been sitting around for an extended period. Finally, keep the items you regularly use in your cosmetic bag so you can readily reach them even while you’re on the move. Keep everything else in a drawer at home.

Secure Your Blenders And Brushes

Have you ever wondered why your cosmetics blenders and brushes are so worn?  Not only may their bristles get deformed, but they can also become quite unclean—and you don’t want to apply makeup to clean skin with dirty makeup brushes! Always store them in their bag to safeguard their bristles—after all, your instruments need all the TLC they can receive to work their magic on your face. P.S. Don’t forget to wash them regularly!

Blenders And Brushes

The Heavy Products Should Be Left At Home

Is shoulder discomfort the bane of your life? Consider lowering your burden by eliminating your primer, foundation, and setting powder arsenal from your luggage before leaving for the day. For modest touch-ups, you don’t need a whole face makeup kit—a slender concealer, like the L’Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Multi-Use Contouring, will suffice.

Use Only One Lipstick For The Day.

Like you don’t need to fit a million face products into your carry-on cosmetic bag, you don’t need to pack a million lipsticks into your carry-on cosmetic bag. Keep things light and bring the colour you’ll be wearing that day.

Include Clear Bags In Your Bag.

Instead of fumbling through a little more oversized cosmetic bag and risking dumping your precious goods on the floor, arrange all of your delights into smaller, transparent makeup bags that will make finding certain products much more effortless. Try combining all of your lip products, eye products, and facial Cosmetics—You Get The Picture.

To Prevent Shattering, Use Cotton Pads.

Nothing is more upsetting than discovering your favorite’s makeup pallet or face powder entirely smashed. Whether you like it or not, everyday movements might cause your cosmetics to rub against each other, crack, and leak. This protective cotton covering will aid in the prevention of breaking.

Clean Your Makeup Bag

If you’ve been dealing with spills, the interior of your cosmetic bag is probably staining. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for cleaning your cosmetic bag and making it appear as good as new. To begin, place your cosmetic bag upside down over the garbage can to remove any loose particles. If you’re using a cotton cosmetic bag, put it in the washing machine with hot water to kill any bacteria. It’s that simple!

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