Business-to-Business is a model consisting of the services that one company provides to another to improve the sales of its products and goods. That is a commercial transaction between companies.

Unlike business-to-consumer Business-to-Consumer. Whose actions are directed towards the end customer, B2B is directed towards the supplier of goods or the middle part of the marketing chain, which is of paramount importance when guaranteeing the effectiveness of a business.

An example of a Business-to-Business is a provider of web content for other companies. Either through blog posts, social networks, or web page. That seeks to position brands through the internet.

There is an excellent opportunity for strengthening companies with this model due to the ease of access to information, the possibility of carrying out administrative processes through multiple platforms, and effective communication through different channels with other organization members. Supply Chain.

What does Having a B2B Model offer you?

In light of this scenario, why is the Business-to-Business model essential, and what are its benefits for SMEs?

Although the same company can carry out both B2B and B2C, there are countless advantages that the former offers to your business.

Let’s see some of them

Economic Savings

One of the best essential benefits of the Business-to-Business model is that it saves money.

The positioning of the brand positively through marketing serves to avoid spending more resources than necessary on B2C marketing work. That is the one that is aimed at the target audience where the potential buyer of your product is located. Or service.

Furthermore, business to business customers tend not to buy emotionally or spontaneously but rather based on specific needs for a larger group of people. Although it limits the number of buyers, it helps resources be directed towards offering solutions for the particular needs of potential clients.

Digital Agility

In a digitalized society like the current one, technology makes it easier to build strong relationships with new customers and expand your market.

One of the great benefits for SMEs is that they can grow their business and reach new customers beyond their region through B2B e-commerce.

An online presence is essential to open up to new markets with agility through a B2B marketing strategy that considers SEO positioning, online advertising, or content marketing. Also some social networks, web pages, and networking platforms are essential.

Generation of Identity in the Sector

In a global world where products, goods, and services are becoming more and more alike, it is essential that your business stands ready from the struggle and builds brand recognition.

In this sense, B2B is helpful to position the identity of a company in the sector in which it operates, generating greater recognition and visibility.

Higher Earnings

By using B2B in your SME, the billing will be much higher.

The B2B model allows you to offer items in larger quantities to improve the offer to buyers. Although the process takes longer than B2C, due to the complexity of the demand, you will be able to invoice a greater volume, and, consequently, you will guarantee the growth of your business. Also larger orders mean higher potential sales.

Digital Tools For B2B

Digital tools are essential for the development of Business-to-Business. Since they offer a more efficient approach between companies and businesses. Here are some of them for different categories:


E-commerce — electronic commerce in English —nothing more than Internet commerce or online commerce, involves purchasing and selling products, goods, and services through the web, including social networks. But what are its advantages?

You will be able to offer catalogs at any time and place without significant problems updating them since your B2B store will take care of them.

There will be 24/7 availability, and your customers will be able to place orders whenever they want.

You will have the opportunity to achieve internationalization because from your locality you will be able to offer your products to any country where you want to reach; logically, taking into account the shipping costs and the necessary procedures.

To Develop your E-Commerce Effectively, Here are Some Useful Digital Tools:

Salesforce: It is an on-demand software tool based on online self-service with all the B2B functionalities needed.

Google analytics: is a web analytics device that allows you to know the funnels and channel statistics. To know which one works best and how the user behaves in each one.

MailChimp: is an integrated marketing platform that offers essential email marketing tools for e-commerce.

Business to Business Marketing

business marketing

To improve your sales hand in hand with a business to business is model you can rely on digital tools for your digital marketing campaigns. Which will help you guarantee the success of your business. Some of these are:

Wrike: a platform that facilitates campaign visibility, collaboration, and planning. Three of the main aspects of automating administrative processes and organizing work in folders and tasks.

SEMrush: a powerful resource that combines everything to position a brand in the market. It offers a kit that includes a battery of backlines, web positioning, and tools to get more traffic organically.

Leads Bridge: a tool that allows you to create digitized audiences based on a specific marketing campaign

Optimization of Processes

For the B2B model, integrating solutions that streamline business processes and agreements with other companies is essential. One of these is the electronic signature.

The electronic signature improves the customer experience by modernizing and simplifying signing a contract or other type of agreement. It is a fast, safe, and efficient way to close deals and streamline operations with customers and suppliers anywhere.

This tool is use for example :

  • Subscriptions to online services: People can subscribe to contracts and sign from their computer or mobile device.
  • Sales in stores: Marketing for signing all types of contracts.


The seller can send the agreement to the client through an electronic signature solution. Who will receive a link in an email or a text message to allow them to sign easily and quickly. Its benefits for SMEs, and some valuable tools for companies with this model.