The term glamour comes from grammar, a word used to identify wise men who practised occultism and black magic. Glamour is synonymous with charm, attractiveness. Therefore, it is all attractiveness or appeal that a person or thing has that makes them stand out in their environment.

The term grammar in English meant charm or enchantment, and in Scots, the term was on paper with the letter L instead of R, which gave rise to what we know today as glamour.

In the 19th century, the term began to use as we know it to refer to any person or thing that consider elegant, seductive, beautiful, related to fashion or entertainment.

The term glamour in different situations, Glamorous photography is one that provocatively captures professional models without revealing anything to the public. On the other hand, charming architecture refers to those constructions from the romantic, baroque and modernist eras, in which buildings are full of elegance and beauty.

The model of beauty is linked with luxury and refinement. A glamorous woman is often dressed in high-priced clothing, wears jewellery, and attends high-society events. In this way, glamour differs from the most straightforward and everyday beauty, characterized by ordinary women who do not invest large sums of money in makeup or do not have enough time to get ready and produce themselves before going out—

The word is closely linked to the fashion and artistic environments, more precisely in the latter’s case, to those renowned actors and actresses. They make up what we could call the Hollywood star system, to cite one of those considered more glamorous.

Types of Glamour


Fashion and glamour have been sought by people, which is repeating on catwalks, television shows, magazines, and the work of designers. We all also strive to have a style with more than a touch of elegance, but despite the new trends that may exist, seven types of glamour are their basis.

Classic Glamour

It is one woman have who, regardless of the occasion, always look perfect, with a look typical of a lady.

Brave Glamour

It’s the one possess by girls who take risks with fashion but always look good. The girls who mix their outfits with menswear, the ones who use leather to dress. The ones who can wear a ballet skirt or a t-shirt with a tie.

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Glamour Mom

Pregnant women do not have to be out of fashion. They can dress well and show off that radiance of beauty they possess in any way.

Unique Glamour

Possessed by those girls who wear what they want but feel good, it shows they have a unique glamour. You can make your combinations and have your style. The important thing is that you are happy with yourself, which will reflect.

Cute Glamour

It is the one girls have who are very feminine, which attracts boys a lot since they have that concept of looking for a woman like that.

Glamour is all about the attitude and looks in your eyes and the clothes. You can wear leather and lace and look attractive, or you can wear a couture dress with a bow in your hair and still look beautiful. Going one way or the other is what makes edgy so pure.

Inner Glamour

The most important thing is your way of being. What you used a while ago can be forgotten, but your attitude and how you relate to others will be what everyone will remember.

How to be Glamorous?

If you want to know how to move, act, or dress to be more glamorous, read the following article carefully. This time we clarify how to be charming. Use your woman’s weapons and shine wherever you go. You will only need to gather the necessary attitude to unleash the full potential that you carry within. With this guide, you will bring out all your charm, magic, and hypnotism.

Wearing makeup is a must if you want to be glamorous. Of course, you must know how to put on makeup for each occasion. During the day, natural cosmetics, eyeliner, and a little lip gloss will suffice. For the night, try something more daring. Frame your eyes with dark or bright shadows, or focus on your lips with pretty lipstick.

Kinds of Glamour

  • industrial glamour: the factories, the steel structures, the American garages where you start creating an idea that ends up being Apple.
  • Glamour in physics: the irresolvable, infinite, incomprehensible universe.
  • Glamour in architecture: space photography, the arches, the magnificent stained glass windows. The stairs that take you to an unknown place.
  • Glamour in drawings is not realistic in light or proportions: is not natural; It is an illusion.
  • Glamour in means of transport: they take you beyond this world. They also make you fly, elevate you to an idealized, perfect place.
  • Glamour in the landscape: the horizon, the profile of the cities in the half-light.

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