At We believe as long as excellent digital marketing services and superb customer. We believe as long as excellent digital marketing services and superb customer service at a good price.

Even though we are a digital marketing agency, we always remember that our customers are real publics, not computers!

We provide a range of digital marketing services and training for small to medium-sized businesses.

Our services include:

  • One To One Training On Facebook Publicity
  • Complete For You Facebook Advertising
  • Ended For You Google Promotion
  • Finished For You Local Search Engine Optimisation
  • Done For You WordPress Mike’s Online Academy Websites
  • Fast And Secure Website Hosting.

We have run with a wide range of businesses, from well known national makes such as Rick Stein Cafes and local companies such as Read Insurance Brokers and RTS Cleaning, to name a few.

We don’t believe in trapping our clients in lengthy contracts and amazing them with science; believe in being transparent with you and making sure. Mike’s Online Academy you are looked after every step of the way.

How Is Mikes Online Academy

Mikes online academy provide reasonable websites packages for small to medium sized companies. The range of companies and individuals. We have helped range from IT specialists, solicitors, florists, magazine publishers, cat accessory suppliers, taxi companies.
How Is Mikes Online Academy

Mikes Online Academy cool features of Facebook advertising

The first feature I like is the targeting function. Do you recall the time when we had to hand out leaflets on the street and hoped that the person who received the leaflets was also the person who wanted to buy something? Or maybe you placed an ad in the newspaper and then hoped that the person reading the newspaper was actually interested in the product or service.

But with Facebook’s vast knowledge of its users, their interests, and what they do online, it takes away a lot of the heavy lifting that comes with targeting.

How accurate is Facebook in terms of targeting? If you think about it, we don’t necessarily log into Google to do a Google search. But we have a Facebook account that is usually only used by ourselves.

Because of this. I think Facebook has an advantage over Google, although Google will get a little smarter about these things in the future.

With Facebook Ads you can target interests, you can target people on your email list if you have a list of email addresses from your business. You can upload the message list to Facebook and they can also be target to Facebook. These audiences are your low-hanging fruit.

You can create a look alike audience from the email addresses you’ve uploaded to Facebook and find people who have similar interests and characteristics to your own customers, which takes a lot of the guesswork out of who you’re targeting.

All About Mikes Online Academy

Based in Oakdale, we provide affordable digital marketing services including web design, local search engine optimization. Pay per click advertising, social media training, social media marketing and website hosting.

We help your business with its digital marketing needs while you focus on your business!

We’ve helped businesses as diverse as IT Specialists, Lawyers, Florists, Magazine Publishers. Cat Supply Suppliers, Locksmiths, Taxi Companies and Hip Hop Artists to name a few!
All About Mikes Online Academy

WWW.MikesOnlineAcademy.Com Feature Of Facebook Advertising Is retargeting

Another cool feature of Facebook advertising is retargeting. It is said that you have to contact people seven times before they buy anything.

Someone might see you on Facebook once and they might not necessarily bite or they might engage with it, they might like it for example, but then you can send them another offer or another product or maybe a discount which then maybe makes them spend their money on you instead.

Advertising is all about repetition, not in a boring way of course, but by sending the same message over and over again you have to be creative with it. But once you start talking to people in creative ways, over and over again, they’ll gradually become aware of your business. Another example of retargeting is when someone visits your site, you can reach out to them again later and bring them back to your site instead of going to your competitor’s site. A lot of people are doing online research these days and if you give them a nudge with your retageting ad, you can get the sale.


What are the factors that make a website Google friendly? It would be nice if you just made a website and everyone on the internet saw it. Search trains like Google, Bing, and Yahoo and more recently Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are the middlemen between your.